Custom pcb

My pcb based on official pcb v2 with ecu enclosure


Can you share your design files and details for the enclosure? It looks good!

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That looks pretty nice! If you have the Gerber files, you want to share them?

Its still in test mode but for moment nothing wrong on my test table. Next will be in tractor.
When il sure all is ok , no problem i will share .

Nice project!
I think 7805 replace with converter.


Awesome project, super nice job with the PCB / enclosure. Looks nice and rugged / like it belongs in a tractor!


You didn’t put the md13s inside?

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Md13 will be near the motor in the motor mount

Understand… I ask because I use a valve instead of a motor, means I can use the md13 with all other electronics inside one box.

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Makes sense… well it’s a great project and looks really nice! Well done

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Hi buched, i’ve few questions about your design.

a) The ecu box is from china ? ( 56 pin Delphi Sicma ecu engine box

This is a cheap copy of Delphi FCI SICMA F135200 56 pin connector ?

b) Where are the ethernet (for pc ) and SMA (for gps antenna) connector output?


Yes its this ecu box
For sma i will use a small câble with sma mâle and sma femele and mount it with a home on the box
For ethernet i need see if i Can wire rj45 on free pins

Aptiv PPI0001258-B is the cable connector.
Aptiv F135200-B is the pcb connector.

For ethernet you need 8 free pin.

So you need to drill an hole to the box for the sma socket ?

Yes because WE need respect 50 ohms impédance requirement of SMA cable

Im a little ignorant when It comes to electronics, may i ask a perhaps dumb question, whats the purpose of all the extra components (resistors and the such) if the components work fine in a breadboard without extras, are they there for a signal “stability” purpose? To avoid noise?

An other option is the Harting 21033814440 connector.

M12 4 pin pcb connector, IP67, industrial approved. But the price is higher than your ecu case.

There is a 8 pin version like te connectivity 5-2172079-2


yes, it’s difficult.

A) Integrate At328p au on board
B) integrate ethernet shield on board, so you do not have any cable rj 45 in the enclosures, only M12 8 pin (like te connectivity 5-2172079-2) for ethernet comunication.

C) Arduino socket for ardusimple, not the complete pinout, but only power and uart, so you only need the SMA cable connection.

C) Migration to SMD world, it seems to be crazy, but jlcpcb can make stencil for soldering paste and you need hot air gun.

But it is more complicate.

It will BĂ©gin hard top put all in the box ^^

Does the udp module height on top of the nano fit in the box? This is super cool!!!

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Im thinking if smd components to gain place
For other thing i need learn more ton integrate this ^^ but maybe 1 day

Udp Can be mount , enough height but i need move some components to this . Next version will be compatible with udp

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