Dual heading with Can Bus possible with all in one PCB?

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We want to bring agopen on a friends Massey Ferguson 6716S. If some how possible he wants dual heading. The tractor is steering ready and I have a all in one PCB here because we ordered some for other Friends and you know 5 pcs is minimum. So now my question, is there any Sketch available to combine dual and can steering? Best case with the all in one PCB?

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Use the all-in-one 2.4 board, standard or Micro, and make sure you have CAN transeceivers fitted to it. The two CAN buses will let you use the buttons on joystick, and steer over CAN. 4.1 board will also work, but single-CAN only.

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Do I still need a separate CANBUS version of Aog? Like this: https://github.com/MechanicTony/AOG_CAN_Teensy4.1/tree/main/AgOpenGPS%20for%20CANBUS%20PCB

Hey there, so it will work with the 4.1 PCB if I will use / need only one CAN connection? Sonds great.
Regarding the linked conversation in the Forum, I already wrote that, because I checked the existings conversations first before I wrote this question. I worte because I didn’t find an exact answer on my questions. But the main question is still pending, is there any sketch existing to be able to use dual heading together with Can Bus? If no other way, it would also be possible to order an additional PCB which is already created.
Thank you for your support and feedback! :slight_smile: Really nice to get so much help from this community

What you link is the sketch for the Teensy on the PCB, this is one of the few I know which is available for Can Bus. But all of them, are only for single / Panda, but I don’t know if there’s one for dual with Can Bus, or I didn’t find it. So that’s my main question here.

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Could this be what you’re looking for?:

That link I posted earlier was to the CANBUS version of the AOG program, not teensy ino and I wonder if this modified teensy sketch version from Andy will work with regular AIO and AOG or if this requires the CANBUS version.

Hi Timoy,

great, that was exactly what I searched for. The combination from All in one PCB (4.1) Dual heading and Can Bus steering.

Yesterday I worked on getting the GPS started successfull. And today I will try to connect the Can Bus and hoping for success.

For all persons try to get that work in the future and reading this, pay attention that you don’t only set the number for your brand in the serial monitor. You also need to set your requested GPS mode and Baud rate also. I didn’t read that information in the info text and keep searching why I didn’t get connetion to GPS for nearly a day until I found the issue.

In the end of this message a bit thantk you Timoy for your information and also to the complete AG Open GPS team which worked on the success shared at the moment already since much of years!!