Engine problem

no problem in simulation mode. It turns like this in satellite mode

Your gps NMEA rate is 1hz. You should set it at least at 5hz.

it looks like a hertz issue, what gps are you using? if its the ardusimple did you up-date the to the 1.13?

AGOpenGPS Program─▒ ├╝st├╝nde NMEA HZ10 olarak ayarl─▒. SimpleRTK2b olu┼čturma dosyas─▒nda nmea diye bir b├Âl├╝m varsa bilemiyorum.

I updated to 1.12. Where can I access the 1.13 file?

SimpleRTK2b f9p

Is there an article for the latest configuration? I think the pages I look at contain old information.

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PWM is showing zero though? :thinking:

Connected to the correct Arduino pins?

Has the module configuration been done, correct driver, steer switch etc?

The steer page you are on still needs the steer switch to be active to get PWM off zero.

pwm seems to be zero I just noticed. I will upload and test the 1.13 config file. for now I think I made a mistake in the SimpleRTK2b configuration. There were no problems in simulation mode.

the system was very nice. My fault is configuration, I reconfigured it is perfect. Thank you very much.