Ethernet problem with 4.1 STD board

4.1 standard board , first led green and two led red light

from teensy, serial monitor

Start setup
SerialAOG, SerialRTK, SerialGPS and SerialGPS2 initialized

Start setup
SerialAOG, SerialRTK, SerialGPS and SerialGPS2 initialized

Starting AutoSteer...
ADC Connecton OK
Autosteer running, waiting for AgOpenGPS

Starting Ethernet...
Initializing ethernet with static IP address
Ethernet cable is not connected - Who cares we will start ethernet anyway.

Ethernet status OK
IP set Manually:

Ethernet IP of module:
Ethernet sending to IP:
All data sending to port: 9999
Ethernet GPS UDP sending from port: 5120
Ethernet NTRIP UDP listening to port: 2233
Ethernet AutoSteer UDP listening to & send from port: 8888

Starting IMU...
CMPS not Connected or Found
0x4A BNO08X Ok.

useCMPS = 0
useBNO08x = 1

End setup, waiting for GPS...

Swapping GPS ports...


settings Ethernet




I am install new win10 , test on panasonic tablet and lenovo laptop , and tray with win8,1 , not working , windows not send and receive.

Might be a stupid question but are the ethernet pins installed in the teensy and the aio board? The amount of times we see pictures of a fully assembled boards without these pins is common

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We should probably add a disclaimer to the silkscreen

Yes, and check with ohm meter , and UTP connector desolder from board , and check PCB with ohm meter , and solder back , second board control with ohm meter and ok.

And that 6 pins longer.

Put up some pictures of your pcb it might help if theres a mistake somewhere


Shouldn’t you use 192.168.x.x?
169.254.x.x is for local stuff, I don’t know if it works with AOG. 192.168.5.x is the “standard”


Right, start working on IP address

In your first pictures it looked like you used the same IP for the tablet as the Teensy, that doesn’t work. Looks like you got it working thought. :+1:

169.254 is often assigned by windows and it’s subnet is but everywhere in our code we have the subnet hardcoded as so it doesn’t work.

192.168.5 is indeed the safest bet

GPS is no problem. IMU is ok. There is no problem connecting over UDP. THERE IS AN ERROR IN THE STEER. The computer does not see it. I placed the SDM parts one by one myself. I have a hot air station. I’m sure all the pieces are in their right places. I examined the parts on easyEDA and placed the correct parts.

Where could I have made a mistake?

I will control the keya engine via can.

Have you uploaded the correct sketch to the teensy

I installed 3 different programs on Teensy. I encountered the same problem in the region.

I cleaned the entire circuit with isoprobyl alcohol.

I cannot get light from the LEDs marked in the picture. Even when GPS AND IMU were connected, the LEDs did not light up.

What do you mean ‘there is an error in the steer’? Do you mean you can’t steer the motor or its not showing as steer not connected? Is the gps imu and steer module showing green on the agio setup page
Is your ip address been altered to match the teensy? Some info on a few posts further up.

Lights should be on the teensy aswell.
Have you tried a different ethernet cable

It is red because the PCB is not currently connected.

There red because they are not connected. Your also in simulator mode.
Double check your ip address and make sure you have the udp option enabled