Please reply with model number then year/series.

Fendt 312 Vario, Bj 2014.
stl and fusion files: GitHub - wollewolle/Steering-Mount-Fendt-312: Fendt Vario 312, BJ 2014


How I use it: When driving on a road, the motor is pushed away from the large gear, in the field it is pushed towards the large gear so that the gears can mesh. It remains in this state. If I want to steer by myself, I switch autosteer off, the “engaged” motor is turned from steering wheel. The additional force for steering is minimal. I use it with an ibt-2, because - unlike the Cytron - it does not exert any holding forces when the automatic steering is switched off.
It is for the phidget motor, I use it with 24V.

Thanks @Wolle

That saves me some cad time, guess this will also fit a 2015 310 then. Could you also post a picture of the actual install?

Maybe sending a verry low pwm to a cytron could be enough to disable the regenerative braking without actually moving the motor. Only thing: This has also to be done even when autosteer is switched off

Pictures are on github, too.

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About the cytron, somebody said you have to switch motor (or something else at the cytron) to gnd when autosteer is off to avoid this holding force. I didn’t try it, I changed to ibt. Maybe somebody knows it and may post it here.

Hi I am new to this forum
For the cytron holding the motor when autosteer is not in use a solution may de to open the motor circuit. You could put a relay on one of the motor lead (the COM pin and the NO pin) and power the relay when autosteer is active.I think there is a autosteer led pin on the arduino to do that.
I have not tried this, but I think it should work.
Sorry for my language, french is my first languagecytron
Edit: Maybe to LED output on PWM2 (pin D9 on arduino?) in new from AOG v4.1.1 ?


This might a doable way, but I would not drive a coil directly with a nano-pin without a optocoupler. An option might to use a relay board.

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Hello Wolle. Looks very nice! Great job. And also for sharing! We have a Fend 313 2015, I think it will fit to!
What for material you use for printing? PETG or PLA, If I choose PETG, I can also choose standard or premium or premium massief. But the price varied for example by the Zhanrad between 50 euro for standard en 300 euro for premium massive. What is your advice? Thanks!

300€ ??
I think it’s very expensive … If you or someone around you is interested in 3D printing, it’s the first price of a 3D printer … And PETG cost is about 20-40€ / Kg , and you don’t need 1kg to do this .

Hello Jack, I print with a anycubic i3mega 3D printer (from alieexpress) with PETG. The material cost and the cost of the printer are less then 300€. I use cura sclicer.
But this wasn’t the question. I recommend highly to use PETG. I printed it with layer height 0,2 mm x about 9 layers = 1,8 mm top/bottom (wall) thickness and with a wall thickness about of 3,2 mm (0,4 mm line Width x about 8 lines). This makes it massive where the teeth are (photo). And a infill density of 25% in zigzag Pattern. Cura calculates a weight about 185g for the big gear for the steering wheel (and 18h printing time). The weight may help you in your decision - I don’t know the differences between standard, standard premium, …


Thanks for these settings, just printed a low infill proto at first, before switching to petg.
Maybe a suggestion for v2. make one/third part removable with sort of puzzlepiece interlock.
This could save the removal of the steering wheel to mount it.

Thanks @Wolle

I have been shopping on aliexpress to! And we start also in the world off 3d. Thanks for the settings!
Ik will try it, maybe if I cant get it I hope I can ask you about settings.
Do you have also this motor: DC gear motor?
How do you do the switch off the autosteer, if you want turn manually or something happened.
Thanks Jack

Yes, I use the same motor and something like that: https://www.amazon.de/Industrie-FuĂźschalter-Fussschalter-FuĂźtaster-Trittschalter/dp/B00ORYD4MQ/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=fuĂźtaster&link_code=qs&qid=1587400663&sourceid=Mozilla-search&sr=8-3
I find it very comfortable to trigger steering on/off with foot.

Is your printer already arrived?

No it will take a few weeks i am afraid. Shipping takes more time with all problems in the world.
We starting seeding mais, but I cant use it for this season.
So dont look in my fields, its not straight!! :slight_smile:
Works good your autosteer?

Hello @wolle,

Will your steering Mount fit a 310 SCR?

Thanks Tim

Hello Tim,

I designed it for a Fendt 312 Vario (2014, so it is a SCR?). So I guess, yes, it should fit to a 310 SCR also. They should have all the same steering wheel. But I don’t know for sure.

Regards, wolle

Hello Wolle,
i want to print this steering wheel for a Fendt 510.
Wich modul is the steering wheel?
I want to print the steering wheel in plastic and i want to buy the engine wheel in steel.


Hello Marcus,

Zahnrad.stl is for the steering wheel. You need three times the BĂĽgel.stl, also. If you click on github on the .stl files, you will see the 3D model in the browser.

Happy New Year,