For Sale - Kaupoi SMD autosteer boards Canada/US

I have 4 leftover of @m_elias SMD autosteer boards.

They have only one little flaw: I put 0.125A diodes instead the 1A :sweat_smile:
They are worth 10CAD each and I would send by regular post to Canada or USA
I will probably just ask to buy 2 coffees per boards, to support the community.

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Are they assembled? Any pics? Thanks

No, just the board, built by JLCpcb.

I also have some BTS442E2 from aliexpress. All others parts can by ordered from Digikey.

How are they working for you? LED brightness good?

Yeah they are working great and LEDs are good! :+1:
I will try to make photos or video of an assembled one tomorrow, with leds on!

How much for the boards?

I give it for free. I will not use all 10.
I ask you to support the agopenGPS project by donate here instead (2 coffee/ 10 euro)

You can send me a Private message if interested.

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