Hammond enclosure for AIO

Bit of Christmas tinkering,tidying up my setup.

Found this Hammond enclosure on eBay for just over a tenner.
Just needed shortening by 50 mm.


Looks great, making me wish I went with the micro board now

Yes it makes for a very tidy,compact setup.

Also added the small breakout board to get the RTK signal to my Amatron 3 which worked a treat.


If you change your mind I have a couple of AIO micro boards available.

Unfortunately ive already ordered my a9p, i went with the standard board because of the hammond enclosure and the wildbuckwheat faceplate, its awesome when stuff like this looks like a factory production

I’m sorry if you missed it, but there is a PCB faceplate and Hammond box for both. I’ll edit the git and cross link them so that they are easier to find. The standard box is nice and slim and slips next to seats on the floor nicer, I don’t think you’ll have any regrets.


BrianP, the metal faceplate looks great and the DB9 with MAX232 is a great addition. For future versions of the AIO we hope to include the MAX232 adapter on the PCB, or at least have solder pads to make the soldered wire connections easier.


I have choice of both, but have Standard in tractor as fits beside seat nicely, the Micro being slightly wider can be fouled by the air seats bouncing.

You could shorten a Std Hammond enclosure and there will not be much difference.

That’s a great idea,the DB9 connector is very useful and easy to configure.