Hardware buyer guide - wordwide

Like to start here an overview where you can get hardware.

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RTK - Hardware

Motors and Controllers


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This looks good.

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yes and no - if you compare it to emlid reach m2.

± same price - but emlid has 10 x better software

Section control hardware?

This shop, you can find every component you need.


Hello, maybe this is not suitable question for this discusion, but can someone tell me what are dimentions of PCBv2, I would be grateful.


Advertising a member, isn’t good?

PCBv2 dimensions: 149,20mm * 100,94mm

Best shops for electronics / parts;

Ali is great for all types of parts / components / knockoffs

These guys literally have everything, insane fast shipping.

Pretty much the same thing as Mouser, fast shipping.

Based off UBLOX F9P, these gnss units are very user friendly and easy to configure. The RS2 makes setting up a base super easy and portable. The value here is the interface, and it works very well.

Allied Electric
Like Digikey and Mouser … just usually more expensive.

It sometimes can be surprising

Anyone know if this RTK board can do the job instead of ardusimple?

Yes this board does the job .

Yes but you will need an external correction radio, not a bad thing cause you can get some powerful external units.
I use the sparkfun board it is a very good board.

What does make one F9P board better than the other? I thought price was the main decision factor for AOG users? The one above does not cost much more than the Ardusimple board, almost the same.

Its all how you want to integrate it, that’s about it.

I like sparkfuns board cause it leaves my choices of peripherals wide open, small form factor, and cheap like borscht.

If I had zero gnss setup experience I would just get an Emlid M2, its f9p too. But the user interface and built in ability to get corrections using your cellphone hotspot is well worth it.

Ag open lets you choose, which is nice… unlike green, red, and blue.

The f9p is a real gem.

Can you specify what I need more then?

With the spark fun board you need a means of sending and obtaining your corrections, so you can bring them from aog over UsB, or you can get external lora radios, or external cellular modems, or if your really looking for a challenge a bluetooth or wifi to ttl adapter.

Lots of different ways to hook it up, all dependant on what your operation requires.

For RTK you require 2 boards to run your own base station, and rover.

Or Emlid M2’s and it just works easy.

I use RS components quite a lot for hardware. Especially quality switchgear, enclosures and connectors. Enormous range of components. Even obscure OEM switches can often be sourced. Very fast service and free delivery.


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Has anyone else tried the skytraq px1172rh. I just got mine out of the box driving around the yard on the roof of the pickup heading seem to work good roll is off but i think just need to tweak offset calibration.