Hardware for a TSIP Reciever

quick intro i’m on a farm in Western Australia and new and very unfimilar with agopengps willing to learn along my journey. Anyway i’m looking at building a reciever for a Ag leader HC8500 as im not willing to buy one for 7K. wondering what hardware i will need for a TSIP reciever to start this project. I want it to be sub 10cm accuracy and so its got the capabiltiy to use section control as its a boomspray monitering system. Wanting TSIP so i can muck around with agopengps later on and make my own system. Hopefully this will be a good starters project and will get my foot in the door. Any sugggestions do help cheers Jacob

have a look here

I know what TSIP is in terms of Trimble, but I’ve never heard of TSIP in relation to Ag Leader. What do you mean by “TSIP?” What do you wish to do? Give the AgLeader RTK?

Yeah well it would be nice if I could get precision from this receiver but not needing 2cm accuracy but if I can make a receiver with out needing RTK base station and under 10cm accuracy I’ll be pretty happy with that but looking into it more of this ag leader needs a braud rate of over 19,200 or higher and 1hz I’ll post some of the manual pages

Sorry but I still don’t understand what you want to do.

Do you want to feed GPS from another receiver into the Ag Leader steer system, using NMEA over RS232?

Do you want to send RTK corrections to the Ag Leader receiver to give it RTK?

Or output NMEA from the Ag Leader to use with AOG?

Yeha wanting to build a receiver to feed gps to the ag leader system so I got guidance and section control sorry if I’m confusing you btw

To get RS232 from an F9P, see this discussion here:

It shows how someone used an RS232 converter connected directly to a ZED-F9P. Then you can feed that through an RS232 cable to the Ag Leader monitor. You have to configure the F9P to output the messages you require, and at the rate you require, and at the right baud rate. It may require a null modem adapter between the Ag Leader and the RS232 converter, depending on what gender the port is on the Ag Leader.

As for configuring the Ag Leader to steer, I do not know how to set that part up.

Without a base station the F9P probably will only get you maybe 25 cm accuracy tops. Certainly it won’t be better than the Ag Leader is for you currently. But with RTK, the story is quite different.

If I was to make a RTK base station for it what would the story be sorry for all the questions but is appreciated

I have used Agleader Integra and f9p with uart ttl - rs232 adapter like this:

In agleader you should choose serial, not tsip. Agleader automatically finds the right baud rate.

ok but which F9P should i get? I’m lookimg at this one atm

That’s the one I’ve been using. Suitable for Aog as well.

ok cheers ill order it

thanks for all the help