Having problems connecting to rtk

Hi, hoping someone can help me out.

For the life of me i cant connect to rtk.

Last year it was okay, someone hit and miss but seemed to always work a little bit.

The new version tho I cant get it out of gps single… is there a setting or something im missing… im using rtk2go and seem to be connected. 5g hotspot with 4 bars on my iphone.

Did you use a email adress as username?

Its needed now

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I did not!

Does it have to be preregistered? Or just any email?

Just use one of your own, they send a email if somethings wrong.

Just to confirm. Your talking about an email in the top part of the ntrip screen within agio?

Dont have a screenshot

Found a screenshot

Username must contain a email adress

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Update: reflashed the rover f9p and updated with ardusimples firmware.

Was able to go from gps single to dgps.

Added the email and password into ntrip client in aog but still limited to dgps, have not seen an rtk fix yet

If you are getting DGPS means you are connected and getting corrections. They’re either the wrong messages being sent from the base station or it is to far away to get proper calculations for an RTK fix. Are you very far from the base station?

Could you be too far away from the NTRIP caster you are in La Corey and the ntrip is in Edmonton/Airport from what I can see. A distance of 220km.
Is this the closed caster to you?

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Definitely most systems don’t get RTK fix over 30kms. I’ve heard the F9P can mathematically do it till 100 if the conditions are right.

Sorry! The screen shot i posted is someone else’s to show the username spot only.

According to the source table my mount at home is 11km away.

Been at it since 8am roughly, and havent seen rtk yet, just dgps

If you are running UDP click the fly out in the AIO screen and watch it for a while. Which RTCM3 messages is it sending and how often?

I think this is how my base s setup. The # in brackets is how often in seconds I t is sent. 1005(10),1077(1),1087(1),1097(1),1230(1) I think the 1074, 1084, and 1094 work inside of the 7 series but not positive.

No udp here yet, all usb

If it is your own base, then you might have set the wrong type of fixed coordinates in the base setup. I did that at first and could only get dgps. On the map in rtk2go, position was 200 m off, and now it is almost spot on.

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First check @Larsvest suggestion I had my lat and long mixed up at first also.

Then install Ucenter and hook your receiver up to it Google how to see incoming RTCM messages.

How would i fix that? You are right, on the map its showing off in the bush on my home 1/4.

I did a ucenter tmode survey and it said it was within 60cm. I used those numbers as my fix.

Two different possibility of problem.
1 is it the correct type of decimal . Or , ?
2 Check type of position system, wgs84 or something else?
In Denmark we use , as separator but I believe it must be .