Help with a blown PCB

What could have caused this?
I just updated to 4.3.10 and I tried using it and this happened.
Is there any way I can reuse the board?

Another question I have is how do I fix this?

Also what are these lines for

Ok so I’ve been looking at schematics some more and I’m not sure that that connection is even doing anything even so I have put wires in where I think they will connect between it

Is the “remote” optocoupler backwards?

No it’s not

O I meant to ask will it still steer with that wire blown? Because that’s why I noticed in the first place is because it wouldn’t steer

You have made a shortcut via your connections on the 3 inputs. So check how they are connected.
If you take all wires off on the 3 inputs (steer, ImP and remote ) and the PCB can power up again. You are lucky. But probably you have blown big diode D2, so change D2

No the 12 V connection you have burnt somehow is only needed if you have, as example an proximity sensor as switch.

So never connect the 12 v to COM because COM is also same as GND

You can read some more about that here Work switch problem

The pcb still powers up but it won’t steer it gives me all the readings and such but it won’t steer

I think I’ve narrowed it down to either the nano or the motor driver and I’m really hoping it’s the motor driver because I soldered the nano in without the plugs because they were backordered so now I dont think I can change the nano

Good, so the burn is old thing.
Don’t use 4.3 myself, but read about how it works, I remember reading somewhere that autosteer will not start if WAS is missing or other settings are wrong.
Must point out that it is from memory, so put in maybe in front of the statement :wink:

I have the WAS connected and working
What are these other settings?