Work switch problem

After watching Brian’s latest video on setup, I went back to make sure I had things hooked up as should be. I found out that my work switch isn’t working. Thanks for the video!!!

Brian’s V2 PCB.

I downloaded the latest version - as of Sat. AM. Deleted all old versions and installed new.

My work switch is as per the parts list (11/8/2019) that’s when I got parts. It’s a Proximity switch LJ12A3-4-7/BY from Amazon.

I have it hooked to the steer switch (on the PCB) O and COM. At the point where I join the wires from the switch and the wires from the board, I’m hooked to what I consider + & -. the center or signal wire is not hooked to anything coming from the switch.

I can send the change as a switch or a button in module setup (the values will change 5 & 7 as I send the changes), but when I activate the switch it’s self the numbers don’t change - just the indicator light on the switch goes on and off. What do I need to do differently?


Brown to +12v(15)
Black to O
Blue to gnd
Some PCB, s have BRN, BLK, BLU printed on them besides the optocoupler

Thank you. I’ll give it a try. Somewhat confused that Brian’s video shows using only 2 wires to the PCB.

Which video? The one here clearly mentions the proximity switch option and the related wiring:

My bad. I didn’t hear the part about the Proximity switch. I’m good now and thanks.

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This video?

Sorry, I’ve never seen this one, Brian. I was referring to the "Hardware, Software, setup you posted just a few day’s ago. I didn’t hear the part when you mentioned the proximity switch. Entirely a problem on my end. Thanks to all for setting me straight.

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I now have my proximity switch wire like this.

Brown to +V
Black to O
Blue to gnd

I still don’t get the switch to work. I have changed the settings for the work in the tool section and still nothing. I am only getting 10V fom the PCB. Any Ideas?

You can test if the pcb and agopen are ok, by making a connection between gnd and O

I experienced the same thing yesterday when I tried to hook it up. The Agopengps recognizes the signal when O and ground are crossed but proximity switch doesn’t do anything.

Do you have the correct type of a proximity switch? Part number would be useful.

10 V voltage at the switch power pin sounds low. It should be equal to the autosteer board input voltage minus the voltage drop on the D2 diode, of the order of 0,7 V.


Part# LJ12A3-4-Z/BY

I’ll test shorting the O & GND this afternoon. Also check on Voltage.

NPN NO proximity switch should be correct, I’m using one. It pulls down the load connected to the supply voltage.

EDIT: spelling mistake, NO switch is what I use.

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I just pulled this up on my Amazon account. I bought a

Model: LJ12A3-4-Z/BY;Theory : Inductive Sensor;Output Type: PNP NO;

Could that be my problem? I thought I was getting the right sensor since it’s the same part #.

I did not try to decode that part number but the PNP switch should work like described in the attached diagram. It pulls up the signal line but in the AOG PCB2 the signal line is already pulled up by a resistor and the isolation switch activates if the signal line is pulled down. Just like a short between O and GND does.
PNP NO proximity switch

I plugged everything in and I am now getting 11.6V. I can jump O & GND and the “switch” works in AOG (it will change from 5 to 7). I can’t get the existing switch to work so I ordered the right one. There is no sense fighting this.

Thanks for the help in tacking this down.

So is there a wrong proximity switch type at the PartsList.xlsx?

No - the part # is correct. Just make sure in the description that it says NPN NO.

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Be sure to let us know if it works. That’s always a challenge, there are so many versions of the same thing, the other maybe is the wire colors are different as well

I think there is wrong part number in partlist.xlsx file for proximity-sensor. It should be LJ12A3-4-Z/BX.
It is type NPN NO.
Where NO means normally open.