Hydraulic valve assemblies for Every tractor, for every type of hydraulic system

Do you have a pressure-switch connected to the remote pins?

Hello my friend, I already post photo of valve mounted and conected, post 185 here: Hydraulic valve assemblies for Every tractor, for every type of hydraulic system - #191 by David

and little bit under (post 198) baraki uploaded some photos of another NH tractor mounted same location.

If you want some more detail just ask… but everything is pretty easy. I added just piece of steel plate and mounted the valve on it.

In future I will make thread to successful stories and some videos on ytb but I dont have much time now… and still correcting some details about my setup…

EDIT: heres some another photo:

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Thanks for taking the time to add the extra photos, especially the last photo.

I still have a lot of reading to do to get a better understanding of how things work.
Thanks again

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I have a small question, can the 3/2 valves be powerd while manual steering?

Or sould the power be cut while manual steering?

No Steering wheel is absolutely locked when 3/2 valves are powered.

Good to know!
In that case, i have to change my idea for powering everything :thinking:

Any ideas how to connect everything with a AOGpcb v2?

I used pin D2 i think to power a 5v relay when press steering button. 12v send true relay to enablers.

Just a lil code change in the .ino

I can check tommrow if you want.

It is already there.
Pwm2 by the connectors to cytron
Last picture in post 1

or look on github in AgOpenGPS_Boards-master
Look for Misc/wirings

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Need to order a valve first :sweat_smile:

Thanks :+1:

Will you get back to us who sendt you email when you where short on supplys or do you want a new email?

hello, no I haven’t connected the pressure sensor yet, I just wanted to test the hydraulics and the solenoid valves. I finish my pcb box and I finish the connections. the pressure sensor will cut the solenoid valve and unlock the steering wheel?

Yes pressure-switch connected to remote pins is used to release solenoids

Hello, can you tell me the schedule for the deliveries? When will you be able to ship the items ordered now?

Hello, so Marek seems pretty busy.
Can anyone tell me, if i need a Kaupoi PCB for the valve or is included or are there better options than the kaupoi. Brian said they are working on something.

The PCB is a separate part from the valve. Most PCBs support using a Cytron (except for can bus only PCB).

do i even need a PCB then?

You need a Nano to control the cytron, and somewhere to connect the wheel angle sensor, pressure sensor from valve block and optional buttons for autosteer enable etc