Hydraulic valve assemblies for Every tractor, for every type of hydraulic system

I would like to offer the community cheap, proven and easy-to-install hydraulic valve assemblies. He makes the cartridge valve blocks in-house on the new Haas 5-axis milling machine for precise, professional, and repeatable workmanship. I have my own solutions proven in practice, but I am open to any suggestions and suggestions. I can use any components that are available on the market and compose a block according to individual needs.
I hope that with my offer I will contribute to the development of AGOPEN by providing an inexpensive solution. I might be a JLC for steering hydraulics.


Website or contact info?

so, any contact with you, dear author?

grbaraki ? gmail.com
phone / whatsApp: +48606832207

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I present a small compact all-in-one valve for open circuits type OC without LS. Just plug it in
1.pump power supply
2. P orbitrol port
3. L port orbitrol
4. R port of the orbitrol
5. piston port
6. piston port





Very nice compact block. Look like it have two 3/2 valves to block oil when tractor has reactive steering.

Yes exactly.

Could this be used with a LS System? And what’s the Price Point?

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Hello! What is the price of an array?

We have to agree so that it is profitable both for me and for you. Would 550E be acceptable?


550€ sounds fair to me :+1:

wel great now I want to figure out if I have an OC load sensing or not :slight_smile:
This really looks great.

Edit: just found out by looking at the parts it 's probably closed center :frowning:
(deutz 6190)

No problem, I also have a solution for Ls, I’m just waiting for the delivery of 1 valve to start production.

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Yes, € 550 seems fair to me! Unfortunately, my material place now does not allow this! Thanks

550 includes valve spools and everything in picture?

Hello, I’m from Spain and I was trying to make a gear to move the steering wheel. Obviously I prefer your solution. ¿Could it work on a MF 6280 OC without LS?

Thank you