Hydraulic valve assemblies for Every tractor, for every type of hydraulic system

I have tested with many values,

Proportional Gain = 8 - 39
Maximum Limit = 110
Minimum to Move = 6 - 38

These work best in boundary contour mode, but none of these are good in AB line or AB curve mode, the straight line always looks like an S
WAS is accurate.

Proportional Gain = 11
Maximum Limit = 110
Minimum to Move = 8

Try with 38 for the minimum to move

If you are able to share your desktop via ANY DESK, I think I will be able to quickly diagnose the problem.
I’m at the laptop.

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Check also your count per degree(cpd), reducing it can help if your tractor start to wander.

This is because the wheel move to much if the cpd is to high.

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Do I have to drive at the same time?

I have noticed that contours tend to steer worse that straight ABs. Probably because because from one point to another there is always an adjustment of angle.

It would be good to drive at least a bit on the line to see the graph during automatic steering.

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Does someone have an update what’s the price now for both the non-LS and LS versions?

Think its still 650 euro for both

yeah, it is 650.
So there are still two valves? 1 LS and 1 non LS?
I think he sent me the wrong one with only 6 hose connections

6 connections is for non LS

Hello, I installed my non ls valve on my tractor. The steering works well when with the steering wheel. When I turn it on, the wheels don’t turn. the solenoid valves are well supplied and work well. the overflow valve is tightened to 1.6mm. I followed this diagram, what can I do? THANKS

Are you sure you have not mixed the steering cylinder and orbitrol lines?

[quote=“HPH, post:466, topic:8011”]
Are you sure you have not mixed the steering cylinder and orbitrol
[/the orbitrol is in the middle (o) and the steering cylinder is on the right (s)?

What happens when autosteer is on, (both cut off valves have 12 V) AND then you press the center of one of the steer valves (with screwdriver or other tool). You can push center about 3 mm in!

nothing happens as if the oil does not come

But your steering wheel is completely locked?
Maybe you switched P and T on the Baraki valve?

Make a definite check by unscrew T hose and start tractor 1 second. Where does oil flow out

The fendt 300 S4 has an orbitrol with a priority valve tightened to it, it will work well with an OC valve

Do the shutoff valves lock the steering wheel when AS is engaged? Can you move it?