Hydraulic valve assemblies for Every tractor, for every type of hydraulic system

Do the shutoff valves lock the steering wheel when AS is engaged? Can you move it?

I will try this tomorrow

The stop valves are well lit and the steering solenoid valves light up well too. The steering wheel is stuck but the wheels do not turn

I hopefully only one at a time, I guess you use the manual test function in steer settings.

The orbitrol return pipe remains well connected to the tank as original?

Yes, one at a time. I use the MA/MB buttons on the cytron

how do i go about ordering a valve?

Use his email.


Baraki mentioned he has problems with too many orders and too little equipment to make more and more valves. But ordered new and things will get better soon. Fingers :crossed_fingers:

There are 3 connections on the valves for electric, which is GND and which one is PWM/Current?

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For both pick one. Does not matter.

Good morning,

can you tell me which 3/2 valve you use to go from manual to automatic and their flow rate please?