Hydraulic valve assemblies for Every tractor, for every type of hydraulic system

@baraki have started shipping ! I received my order yesterday :slight_smile: Hopefully we will soon see a diagram of the inside for easy understanding the valve block.
The numbers from above still seem correct. But actually the Valve-block have understandable letters stamped by the output/input connections.

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As far as I can see the pressure switch has this number:
0166 416 03 1 063
Probably this one: Normally Closed. (I did measure, it is closed)

Yes it is normally closed. Just select the encoder in the settings and set it to 1.The pressure switch is adjustable, the preferred force for disconnection can be set with a flat screwdriver between the pins.


@baraki I emailed You couple weeks ago, have You received, or just busy to answer?


I replied to your e-mail

I had a small production stoppage due to missing components, but I already have a new delivery and go into production.

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Very nice solution!
Do you have complete products in stock?

Yes. I have all types.
If someone needs a high-performance valve for e.g. Steiger articulated tractors, I also have a block with a valve with flow of 140L for them.

Is it compatible with a New Holland T6.160?
From where do you ship and what is the price including shipping?

I am sending from Poland, 600E + shipment depending on the country of delivery, to the EU it is 20E.

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Do you have one for a Challenger MT535B? What is the price? Thanks.

Yes, it will work with Challenger, price is 600 euro within Europe if you have tax number, outside with 23% vat plus shipping.

How do I order? What does it cost to ship to United States? Do you have an email address or what is the best way to contact you?

You can order via email grbaraki@gmail.com, cost to US will be 65-100 € , I need your adress and tax number if you have.

@baraki , Can i use this valve set with a Deutz Agrotron 165 MK3?
There is in the Set a Pressure Sensor?


Hi Baraki,
i want to order 1 steering walve with LS for an Deutz 7250 Warrior.
Please send me an offert including shipping costs to Austria.

Best Regards