Hydraulic valve assemblies for Every tractor, for every type of hydraulic system

What about 0-20ma? I can not see from this picture. I had IT both, disabled 0-20ma and system started working.

I didn’t put a jumper on the 0-20mA

Do you have a picture of the sensor on your OC valve system? (To determine if 3 wire sensor or 2 wire switch)

this is a 3 wire sensor

You put the link yourself, so we can assume you have already checked there is 5 v at pin 3 and gnd at pin2. So now you must measure the voltage at the pin 1 and tell if signal voltage change.(with lock valves engaged and trying to turn steering wheel , which obviously should be impossible with lock valves engaged) That way we know if sensor work.

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PIN 3 AND PIN 2 = 5V
PIN 1 AND PIN 2 = the voltage values change when I turn the steering wheel

i think that the sensor is OK

on the image below, we can see the following values from agopengps 0% without the “Pressure” jumper, 12% when the autosteer is engaged and 23% when the autosteer is disengaged.

Hey everyone,

do I need to solder the wire “solder wire to use 12v for cytron” on the all in one board V4.5 with baraki valve?

Best to use P18 with its own fuse instead

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I ordered a 60L valve and a 90L valve, I only received one, but I am unsure which one I received, how do I check? And @baraki do you have a timeline for my second valve?

Hi, I’d be interested in a OC valve shipped to Canada. I messaged you through your website, but haven’t seen a reply. Do you have any valves available? Thanks

Hello, I want to equip a Valtra N92H with an Valve, since I have only equipt a OC Valve, i am a bit confused if i need this T- Hoses for P and T? What do I need these for? I don´t want to destroy the pump…

Nearly got my self ready to install some valves. I don’t suppose anyone knows what connection type (ORFS, UNF, BSP, Metric) is required on the valves to fit …

A) JD 6930p (2012)
B) Claas Axion 800 (2021)

Does anyone have pictures / advise for fitting to either machine?

OC is “inline”
LS is “parallel”

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You can see in this thread post 375, it is a Jd 6830 premium , Jd conexions are ORFS

I ordered “UNF” fittings and received what i call “JIC”. Jic is very common on my pre computer IH and Johndeer equipment, so i was happy.