Hydraulic valve assemblies for Every tractor, for every type of hydraulic system

It’s possible that a fly back diode was installed inside the solenoid DIN connector, but that should be pretty obvious to see.


I have AiO v2.4 AMPSEAL Standard. I just installed an LS valve with 3 pin sensor on Valtra T170 and everything worked but autosteer disengage. This board doesn’t have an 0-20mA jumper so I need to remove/jump an 8.2K resistor going from Pressure to A10 on Teensy or what?

Board is set to Preassure, Cytron LEFT, Right, 12v soldered.
Steer Enable mode is set to NONE (no switch, no button)
Its reading about 12% when wheels are not moving, and around 18% when moving. No matter what value I set for disengage, wheel is solid and must disable autosteer on screen button.

Where am I wrong? Also im using Aog v6…

For everyone else having this problem head to wiki under aio v2.x board issues fix. I never checked, and its all there…

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Just to reinforce it’s best to use a relay to power the Lock valves rather than using the Mofset on the AIO PCB, just tested the current drawn by the lock valves and it was 3.75amps.

Some of the components on the PCB are only rated to 3 amps and if using a relay the AIO PCB only uses about 0.5 amps in use, so a 1 or 2 amp fuse is best on pin 22 powering the PCB.

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hi all, for a new model JD 6155M (155hp) would I looking at the ORFS connections and 30L valve? Or would it be easier with JIS fittings? thanks!

Deere uses ORFS on all their steering fittings, it makes sense to stick to one type of fitting.


I order the LS valve (30L) for Fendt 716 Vario (2011) and after the installation the steering wheel is so stiff that i barely moves the wheels.

I double checked the hoses everything is connected as it should be.

Does anybody have a solution?

I notices that the ls line is not “hard” as there is no preassure in there.

I tested it now.

So from the orbitrol to the valve there is preassure, but from the valve to the tractor there is no preassure at all.

I seen on the forum that baraki suggested adding a non return valve becuase this is a fendt, but I orderd the valve recently so it should work regardles.

Thank in advance.

Is there 12v applied to both LOCK valves?

No, everything is disconnected. I just wanted to test out if the steering is OK.
I installed OC valves before but this is my first LS.

Maybe something is locked inside the valve?

I disconnected the hose going from the valve to the tractor and there was no preassure at all.

It seems that the valve is not letting the LS line preassure to go from orbitrol to tractor.

When using autosteer lock valves must be energized to allow flow to the steering cylinder. Its like safety valve…

When turning by hand it should work without any wires connected to the valve… Did you swap LSo and LSt hoses?

I checked like 10 times if that is correct.
Lst goes to tractor and Lso goes to orbitrol.

I am confused as well why there is no flow through the valve

Did you spoke to baraki when making an order because fendt tractors require unique and specially designed valve?

He said that the ls valves are universal and I thought that it would work.

I will place a non return valve and see if it works than.

Just an fyi for anyone waiting on a baraki valve, I ordered two more on april 14th, and Baraki has been waiting on parts since before April 3rd. at that time they were expecting their parts to come in “next week”, and it has been “next week” ever since. I am confident that Baraki will ship out my valves as soon as he gets the parts and can, but waiting is getting old. Especially as I would like to be able to use autosteer this season after building the rest of the system in time for planting. hopefully parts come in soon!

Hello everyone just starting to fit the Baraki valve to our John Deere 7530. I have a load sensing valve and just trying to understand how to plumb it in.

If we understand the John Deere hydraulics correctly the valve will be connected down stream of the load sensing which is located at the number 1 priority valve at the back of the tractor. Therefore do we actually need to connect the load sensing ports and if not we can blank these off? Or do we need to connect into the load sensing pipe going to the priority valve with just one pipe coming from the Baraki valve and the other port blanked off? There are no load sensing pipes going into the orbital unit.

Will this valve work with the load sensing ports blanked? @baraki


Flow on the LS line “tells” the pump “hey someone is using oil, get pumping” so yes you will need the LS line connected. It may work on a different circuit than the original steering and it may not. I am not familiar with that tractor.

Hello, you could see post 376 -380 in this thread. It is a John Deere 6830 Premium. I think that it is similar to 7530. If you see original JD autotrak system mounting instructions, they use a similar solution.

We mounted one on a 7520. Reran the ls return line to LSO on the valve and ran a new line between LST and the back of the tractor where the ls line had originally gone. Then the pressure and tank lines were tee’d above the tractor transmission.

Thank you everyone I think I’ve got it sussed now

I believe the kubota is using a similar valve if not the same danfoss. If I was sure it would fit I would be interested as this is a project I am just starting to learn about. Lots to read and figure out but going to be doing this on my M9960 to start. I don’t know where you are at, but I have access to some of these valves that work, but might leak a bit if that would help you.