Hydraulic valve info from Telegram group

After many inquiries about the automatic steering valve of fluid system here is some information: the page of the website https://www.fluid-system.fr/Bloc-de-guidage-GPS

the difference between the two versions is the electric coupler of version 2 which groups together the connections of the solenoid valves and the pressure sensor

the card with the tariff

Marek Mar:

for agopengps users it is possible to group all orders in a file. the price applied will depend on the number of valves ordered. a quotation will be established for each by adding the shipping costs. The valves will be shipped after payment.

Richard Klasens:
I read on the website it is for Open Centre, Load sensing static and load sense dynamic?

yes but i don’t anderstand what is load sensing static and dynamic

Richard Klasens:
I don’t know either… I will need a open centre valve :slight_smile:

What do they mean exactly with that?

Marek Mar:
It is the type of load sensing (dynamic is newer). In dynamic, there is constantly a really small flow in LS tube, that means there is always a little oil in the LS which allows to switch flow faster then in static LS (in Static - oil in LS hose could leach in the tank, and leave the hose empty, which requires first filling the LS hose and then turning the flow.)… This is what was told me when I asked for difference from one of the hydraulic guys… I am certainly not an expert in hydraulic though, so dont know if that is right.

Richard Klasens:
It’s not “cheap” but hey… “good” products like this have a price like this…

Sounds like a good explanation :slight_smile:

for the first valves you must wired each solenoid, for the second there are only one connector

Richard Klasens:
Ah i understand now…

Well… let’s see we can get at least 20 users :innocent:

i understand thank you

What is the price for it ?

Someone posted that it is $1600 AUD plus shipping. But I’m not sure what it would be in EUR

Pricing is between €1200 and 1500 not cheap but worth it at is very well done… Accept all types of hydraulics: closed and open center, ls static and dynamic, reacting and no reacting steering…

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Shema of hyfrolic valve assembly FLUID-SYSTEM hard pcb V2 and cytron the activation is done by the button and turns off by turning the steering wheel (pressure contact) or by the button


Installed on wich tractor, Is it working well?

The brand of the tractor is irrelevant this scheme works with fluidsytem hydrolic block

With what .ino?

You will find a file to list the people interested in the Fluid system valve.

[Commande Fluid system auto steering - Google Spreadsheets](file for Fluid system valve)

Thank you for registering, we will have an idea of ​​the number of people and the final price we can get. When we reach a sufficient number of people I will send you an email before forwarding the file to the manufacturer.
The factory then sent a quote with the price and shipping costs. The order will be effective when the payment will be paid to the company.
If you have questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Ok brand of tractor can be irelevant, but not type of hydraulic (open / closed center…) then the valve has to be tuned

As it is wired (in serie with switch), fOnction of pressure sensor should be on / off. Then at what pressure as threshold? More likely it is a pressure transducer (variable voltage) if true with need to read it in ino and have aset what induced steering wheel pressure will shut system off… True?

The FluidSystem Valve is compatible with all types of hydrolic center closed or open with or without LS for the pressure switch it is a NO contact directly on the FluidSystem block no pressure indication just a contact activated by the relay

mpotage sans ls

Some additional information: valve 3651 includes the pressure sensor.
The pressure sensor measures an increase in pressure on the left and right lines of the orbitrol to deactivate the valve in the event of movement of the steer wheel.
Technical documentation is being written.
The Fluid System company has a filliate in alberta for north america. If Americans or Canadians want to order a valve you can register in the google sheet if above. The more we will order, the lower the prices. target 20 valves for the first order.

The pressure sensor is present on both models according to the diagram

Yes, I phone to the firm and the pressure sensor is present in both models.

Always doubting that pressure sensor would be On/Off as @TERVUREN was saying. Doc says it is MBS1250… By Danfoss probably… It is a proportional output…
I got specs from FluidSystem… Seems we cannot upload pdf here!..

Even if mine is a bit old, I have had it for 4 years. It is a NO contactor. What would be the point of knowing the pressure level? As mentioned above

[quote = “gpierrat, post: 15, topic: 513”]
The pressure sensor measures an increase in pressure on the left and right lines of the orbitrol to deactivate the valve in the event of movement of the steering wheel.
[/ Quote]
but it is to be verified anyway

The sold version is a new version I think, more recent than the one of Tervuren. the pressure sensor returns an analog signal. another change concerns the drawer which is more progressive.

arduino needs two resistors to convert signal 4-20mA to 0-5V