Improved konfiguration files for f9p with firmware 1.13

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A bit of a matter of opinion but I’d say the base should be placed to the same spot with an accuracy of 1 cm or less. Otherwise you lose a lot of the RTK benefits.

The same if you do a self survey of only a couple of hours. The self survey accuracy is OK if you always use the same coordinates at the same spot.

You can use as many rovers as you like as said above.

No problem to move the base, it’s set for 5min & < 2.5m. That’s good for what your doing.

If you come back to old lines and reset your base you might have to centre / nudge your lines but they won’t move while the base is powered.

You could have a few spots where you want to put the base and survey them in over winter, then when you put the base back there you could enter those coordinate and use it with great accuracy

I am trying to set up a base with the Ardusimple RTK2B starter kit and Wifi ntrip master. I am confused as to what base station file to use. Should I use the ardusimple base file or the Ortner base file? After reading this it appears the Ortner might be configured better to start with but I am new to using U-center and am not sure exactly what needs to be changed to allow it to work properly.

I use ardusimple base file, for NTRIP master default baudrate is 115200 if you want Ortner config it’s 38400 so change it to 115200 in (CFG-PRT) UART2.

1005: Stationary RTK reference station ARP
1074: GPS MSM4
1230: GLONASS code-phase

and after using config check if this messages are enabled on UART2. (CFG-MSG)

You can save config like this.

So I have the ardusimple base and rover kit (with LR transceiver) and when I want to build my own base (no ntrip) should I use the Ortner files at the top of the topic?

Here is the two configarion files I use. Rover uses corrections from radio, and base is portable via radio just plug in wait 5min and its away.

Tony Single Rover.txt (20.9 KB)
Tony Base.txt (20.9 KB)
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Yes, Ortner configs are for NTRIP only, use configs that posted.

What are rules on language on this forum @admins can’t find any ? I understand that English is not primary language for a lot of us but we try to translate replays to English as universal language that most of us understand.

Replaying in other languages leads to confusions like this.

I see there is French side of forum (option on top of site “Français”) or maybe replays should be in original topic language if topic is starter as French all replays should be in French ?

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Yes it’s a post that I copied and pasted I hadn’t seen that it was in French.
I always try to answer in English so that it remains understandable by all.


Someone have a rover config 10hz for the f9p firmware 1.30?

See info from Ardusimple forum:

from ardusimple.
“We will publish our configuration files for 1.30 next week”
and from clive1.
“update rate for using all constellation is now 7 Hz”
“UBX messages on UART2”



How can UBX messages benefit us on UART2?

With moving base ( using two F9p’s) the ubx messages can only be sent and received on UART1. I thought it could be helpful if UART 2 now also supports the communication of the relative position(RELPOSNED) of the two antennas.


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Where is the option to change the settings to „only gga and vtg”?

check this post of @Vili V5.6 Release - #4 by Vili

I have a problem with the AiO jump, I read that it could be it, but turning it off did not help, it jumps and loses the gps signal.

VTG isn’t read anymore, so it will work if it’s not disabled. But yes, disable it. I would be more concerned about making sure you have only 3 constellations enabled and running at 10hz.
In GNSS on u-center uncheck the ones you dont want in the enable column. GPG, Glonass, and Gallileo for most.
There are 5 on by default, I believe, and loading configuration files wont change them.

What is the issue with using beidou outside China?