IMU Brick v2

I could not find a specific thread for the Brick and as I have a few questions I though I would start one

Currently on my Autosteer board I have removed the MMA. It does not sit firmly in the receiver socket even with support legs and one person thought that it may produce noise if it was moving

When I use the brick for roll the AOG code rotates around and around in the simulator. It seems to be uncontrollable. Is there a way to fix this

Also, I use dual antenna for heading. It is set up to be on at 10 hz. If I use the brick for heading corrections would the sensor fusion allow the update frequency to be higher?

Would you click on both usages for the brick…roll and heading correction.

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Suppose you have changed setting in ino as well. Try zero the roll and restart AOG, and don’t move the brick in between.

I don’t think you really need the brick or the BNO055 at all if you have dual antenna RTK. On the brick side of things if you use brick viewer all by itself without AOG is the viewer stable?

What do you mean with your MMA not fitting in the receiver socket? Are you talking about the PCB version or is this your own board. Maybe you can post a picture.

Thanks for your response
Yes I am using 10 hz dual antenna and the heading is accurate, however I am trying to find out if the fusion of heading with the brick gives an even better (higher frequency) solution at its freq is much higher
I will respond re stability after I check again this evening
The mma fits into the female socket on the PCB board however it moves from side to side and therefore can be noisy. Yes I am talking about the PCB version
I do not think a picture will demonstrate the wobble.
thanks again for your interest

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a brick uses a BNO-055 for heading and roll.
Roll is not usable from your brick, cause it constantly recalibrating.
I’ve done this season with a brick and found out that if the calibrations mismatched once, it will show even when i’m on flat ground. Use a MMA8451Q works best for roll. (how much hill compensation do you acutally need? if its less then 3 degrees, without a roll detection it should work good either.

I know you can also calculate roll with a dual antenna setup.
About that, how do you use that Dual antenna? with MTZ’s ESP files?

Hi Richard
I am not using MTZ ESP files. I have a custom dual system that uses 2 ardusimple boards and a radio. It outputs position and heading. Currently the 2 antenna run longitudinally along the tractor so it does not calculate roll. I may chang this with time

If I use dual antenna is it worth using the brick to fuse the heading and brick to get a higher freq heading?

I suspect an accurate dual antenna heading at 10Hz will be all you need. The BNO or Brick may work continuously but they can also introduce false heading values.

Heading from a dual antenna setup is always the best. No interference from metal/magnetism etc.

Do you use a arduino for the heading Calc?

I plan to use the Tinkerforge Brick V2 for my heading.

I was hoping to install it inside the cab behind the headliner at the rear of the cab to keep it over the axle as much as I can. That way it is kept out of the weather.

Should the device be oriented to point a certain way in regards to the tractor? (does the X and Y orientation for heading matter)


The orientation (x,y) doesn’t matter as it refreshes on startup anyway. AgOpenGPS just uses the change in heading in its fused heading calculation.

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Did you try the Tinkerforge Brick v2? I havent used anything for heading other than gps? Anyone know if its worth it to use bnoo55 or the brick. I have the bno here but some say brick via usb is better. How does aog recognize the brick with usb? Is there a hookup guide for bno for pcb v2?

The bno055 is the imu in the brick v2. I put the brick in a weatherproof box and put it on the roof at the back of the cab right above the axle.

If you are going this route, that seems to be the best way to use the brick. If your fan motor or big speakers are in the back find a spot away from those items.

So can I make use of my bno055 that i have and connect it to pcb? Or Should i buy the brick v2. Not sure I quite understand why the one with usb is recommended

It allows you to get it up on the cab, and its not delayed, the autosteer module doesn’t have to send it back, AOG uses the brick values as soon as it needs them. From the autosteer module they are always a frame behind.

It’s usb, but it is ethernet thru the usb cable - like an air card or a usb to ethernet dock. It is quite fast effective communication and is extremely reliable.

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So one like this?

That’s the one. Same as what Cera uses.

Bit more and you could almost do dual antenna

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Hi Brian, does AOG recognize that a Brick V2 is hooked up via USB? in the Data sources it seems it’s looking for a UID.



You need to download and run the Brick Viewer program to check what your brick’s 6 digit UID is.

I’m not certain if it is actually needed, but I installed Brick Deamon as well.

Roger that!
Thank you!

I was wondering if i could run the BNO055 on an Arduino Nano and feed it that way into AOG, skipping the PCB.
In the end it’ll turn out the same way, Nano+BNO shield + housing might be the same $ as the Brick V2.

Thanks again!

Can’t brick v2 be used for tilt compensation? Like in the cerea program?