JD 8230 hydraulic steering

So I’ve thought of doing something similar, but I’m not willing to make a long arm like that with just a Delphi sensor, because I’m a little worried about a block of mud breaking it off. But this looks alot stronger. I’m guessing that’s a sensor mounted on that block somehow. So is that available to buy somewhere…?Screenshot_20200422-123558_Drive

It doesn`t need to be sophisticated. 2 ball bearings bolted together, an arm on one side and a rubber tube that connects end of bolt with shaft of sensor.
And some plate to hold it together.
Or as shown here: WAS housing for Honeywell RTY series - #2 by PeterSK

Also be aware of ackermann effect here! Must probably be made with same distances and angles as on picture to reduce that effect.

Thanks. That’s what I was trying to imaging but had not seen that thread. I’ll have to figure out a way to make that. I guess that gives me a reason to buy
a 3D printer that I haven’t been able to justify. :grinning:

@timmy95 Did you ever finish this project? I’m thinking of doing the same on a 7930 (autosteer ready), which I imagine would be in the same boat as the 8230.

@JohanL Unfortunately no. I was unsure on a few things, such as how to wire the valve, whether or not there is any proper code written to control the valve, and how to best mount the WAS. Probably all solvable problems, but I just ran out of time. But I haven’t forgotten about the idea and really would still like to do it.