JD 8230 hydraulic steering

We have an 8230 with the jd autotrac valve. As far as I know it is CANBUS controlled and that AgOpen can not work with that. Assuming that I am correct, what is the best way to get hydraulic autosteer in the tractor? When it comes to electrical and hydraulics, I know enough to be dangerous but not enough to know what for sure will work.


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Im not hugely clued up on the danfoss setups, but I think there is another valve head (electronic part) that you can swap out yours with, which is just PWM based, so can control the valve directly…but may be wrong!

Failing that would have to go down the route as myself / others have to try and use your own valves, but fairly sure there will be a way to get the OE valve working…pretty sure others have.

I have JD 8130 It has the danfoss voltage controlled valve Vs his 50% of Vimput for straight ahead.Also Autofarm have come good instructions on net for mounting WAS on JD 8020 series tractors heaving ILS front suspension. cheers

I have it setup on a AutoTrac ready JD 8330. I am running the IBT2 with pcb v2 on it using AOG v3.9 with the coffeetrac button ino. I dont really understand the arduino coding but i am hoping that someone is able to figure out a way to use AOG v4 with the danfoss valve that your tractor will have. If you look under your steering column from by the front tire you should see your steering controller with a 4 wire plug into it. that is what you need to connect to from the motor controller. Like @AussieRhys says it uses 50% voltage to drive straight, 25% voltage to turn right and 100% to turn left. i hooked into the steer angle sensor wire right after the starter motor. its a 6 wire plug. This is all assuming your tractor is not the CANBus as you are thinking it may be

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Very interesting topic!
I have 2 plugs with 2 cables each plugged to the steering valve.
Could anybody tell me the pinout?

danfoss1 Uploading: danfoss.jpg… WAS input Wheel angle sensor plug Just wanted to post a few pictures of what I have done. First one is the danfoss steering controller. I replaced the wire running from the WAS to the first connector as the wire went bad (its a known JD problem) so i just spliced at the connector.PCB V2 with IBT2 1 My IBT2 wiring is a little rough. Waiting on ribbons from china

Ok. Well I don’t know for a fact that our tractor is CanBus. I was just under the impression that all '30 series tractors were. I’m not sure the best way to figure out. Here’s a few pictures
8230 gps
8230 gps2
8230 gps3

@timmy95 so that plug that you have pulled out is the one that you have to wire the ibt2 to. the steering of the tractor is all based on voltages, not canbus. lots of good threads out there on this. due note that the danfoss setup requires the coffeetrac .ino and does not yet work with AOG V4. it works with version 3.9 AutoSteer_Button/AutoSteer_Button at master · Coffeetrac/AutoSteer_Button · GitHub.
follow the danfoss valve(weder) setup and it should all work good.
.ino for PCB+MD13S+Danfoss valve
hope some of my earlier pictures are of use to you. i have a hard time uploading photos due to how the file size of them works. there might be easier ways to wire it than how i did it but I’m like you, knowing enough to be dangerous.

So a few more questions, what am I missing or where is the WAS. We have the light duty “1300” axle if recall correctly.

And what is this here box…?

20200417_162233 Im not sure what that box is. My tractor doesn’t have that. I also don’t see a wheel angle sensor wire running across there like mine has. Does your front axle have a wire running across it to the kingpin? That’s my factory installed wheel angle sensor20200417_162215

Looks like your tractor has a flowmeter(that silver box) rather than a wheel angle sensor. JD use it on some models and it measures flow in and out of steer cylinder to somehow calculate angle. To use aog you will need to fit your own wheel angle sensor.

Yeah, I’ve got nothing like that.

The hydraulic steering control is there so that’s the nice part. All you should have to do is mount your own wheel angle sensor and then have the IBT2 control the steering control

So how does the oem WAS work in the axle? I’ve got a few different parts than you. I was wondering if I could make a WAS with a similar design right on the pivot, but everything turns with the wheel.
8230 gps5

This is the best parts diagram I could find of the OEM. And I’m confused as to how it works…
8230 gps4


I’m not exactly sure how it all works. I assume that where you have the grease fitting, that that grease fitting does not move, but the axle knuckle there rotates around it. I think the potentiometer WAS rotates around with the knuckle and the pin that comes out of the potentiometer stays in the same spot. I imagine you could make something like this work https://m.aliexpress.com/item/4000148633075.html?pid=808_0000_0101&spm=a2g0n.search-amp.list.4000148633075&aff_trace_key=&aff_platform=msite&m_page_id=7632amp-eijwOWxuSylAL0WIgO_wGQ1587264595194&browser_id=667274d470ab4614b8d482bca9bbd122&is_c=Y (headlight level sensor if the link is broken). Our tractor doesn’t have a grease fitting there

You say everything is moving! But the pin pointing up in the center should not totate.

Well does all rotate. I removed that grease pipe and zerk, and stuck a small screwdriver down there. It fell like its all one piece all the way down to the bottom of the steering kingpin. So I’m quite confused… :thinking: :thinking:

The more I look at the parts breakdown, it seems like there may be some other different parts that we don’t have. It’s pretty bad resolution but it looks like the steering arms (33 vs 34) maybe have a slightly different design in the center. And there is that pin that look like it has keyways on it.
Inkedbrave_xm6FhSZg2f_LI (2)

So if someone has an idea as how i should try and mount a WAS, I’m open to ideas.

I did not see that it was a grease point coming from the center. Maybe it is as a New Holland factory auto steer front axle, there are no top grease point for the right side king pin. So either grease point or steer point for WAS

page 20 has an idea for WAS. also a terminator to avoid error codes on JD harness .