John Deere

When sharing steering mount files please reply with model number then year/series.

JD 6810 Autopowr Y2001

JD 1450 - 2008 Combine

It is for tractor JD 5100, year 2018, with steering wheel diameter 34 cm. Pulleys are for HTD5M belt. There was a bit gap from both sides and from top. The insulating tape from both sides filled the gap and on top on the clamp glue a bicycle inner tube cca 1 mm thick rubber. There are no mounts for motor. Small pulley for shaft with 12 mm diameter. STL files: HTD5M by Peter_SK - Thingiverse

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Looking for something similar to that to fit a 6930 thanks

what do you think about this link gera type for 6*30 series premium

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What kind and size of belt does this use would like to use this for my 6930

Do you have any picture of it in action

Hi. The belt is HTD 5M. Yes have some videos. It worked well but the tape what i used to fill the gaps was pulled out. Dont know yet when but will try to redraw it to have better fit and reinforce it. Dont know what proportions have your steering wheel and if it fits. The easy way to go is with a wheel that is pressed to the steering wheel like by ezsteer. This was after 100 ha of seeding with AOG : Sard Work Gain View Version 4202 - YouTube

what length of belt did you have??

The lenght is 670 mm.

Any mounts out there for older Deere tractors? Looking specifically 4960 or 8100 at this time. Great work. Thanks!

what motor or rpm are you using

JD 6330P séries 2008 possible to use on new R
Electric steering wheel with combination of metalic parts and 3dprinting
Video & files for laser cut and 3D printing


I am trying to get quotes for the laser cutting. How much did you pay to get them cut?


For laser cutting you can consider around 60-100€ and I do only in stainless because it is more precise cutting

It is not easy to give you more precisely because i do lot of proto parts for this tractor and the claas combine included Was Bracket and GPS bracket

What model of motor are you using?
I see is 12v


yes i use 12V motor connect to Cytron on Boad PCB V2
Motoréducteur CC, 1 085 tr/min 12 V c.c., 9 734 gcm, 38,7 W, ø 12mm

Purcharsed in electronic company similar as “digikey”,

It is not cheap but easy to get and fast.

french link :
Uk link

other shop:

I already saw it on your youtube video

Dedicated for John Deere 6*30P or M&R model , just an update of the concept of Steering ( steel and TPU95) to be compatible with Philget motor 3269_2
Bracket is wider for this motor and some slot added to fix drive sensor
Assemblage JD _large
No test for my side but build with the expérience of RS motor
Link to dowload Files to print and cut