Keya Latest Version Autopilot Motor is released!

The latest version auto steer motor has below features:

Main Features
Rated input voltage: 12VDC/24VDC (Limit voltage 7~36VDC)
Rated torque: 7Nm, Peak torque: 14Nm, Rated speed: 100rpm
Working mode: Speed mode, Torque mode, Absolute position mode, Relative position mode
Feedback: 17-bit multi-turn absolute encoder.
Control: RS232, CAN2.0, CANopen
With position power-off memory (with external battery)
Write to me via for user’s manual and price quote.

Click below link for buying link.


Can you attach the manual here, for everyone’s interest? Thanks

Yes, Andy. I already shared the manual in our Telegram group. Thanks for your attention.

Please share it here, thanks. Many prospective buyers are unlikely to join that telegram group.

User Manual_Auto steering motor with absolute encoder.pdf (1.3 MB)

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You must put the manual in another open KEYA thread too! this thread closes in 11 days because it is a sales offer thread!

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I also suggest to add some picture for eye catching :slight_smile:

There’s no appearance difference among the versions.

I guess absolute encoder cant be useful for tractor with orbitrol who has continuous drift.

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Has anyone tested this product together with Agopengps? Does it work without modifications of ino or aos?

A few people have gotten it going but it requires you to change the firmware on the teensy

There isn’t official support yet but it works quite well.

Works great!

Firmware here (Keya branch, not KeyaV2)

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