Kubota M8 210 ISObus

So has anybody got the autosteer to work on a M8 Kubota 210
Its got angle sensor and steering valve connected to the ISObus
talking with the dealer they say they have had the best luck with the Reichhardt system work with the tractor
They are getting me the pinouts for the connector in the tractor
was planning on using the new all in one PCB for this tractor
Anything close to this can help to get it to work would be appreciated

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The valve and sensor may not be connected to isobus but to the V-bus and most ag companies today choose danfoss valves (PVED-CL and similar) which are controlled the same way. Reichhardt will also use this standard. In this case, you need only an f9p, Arduino and can shield.
So you need to figure out what valve is in your tractor and where to access the V-bus. Maybe there is a diagnostics port or a port on the roof of the cabin
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I think it is similar to massey ferguson, Deutz, Valtra, Lindner, Class and JCB. Take a look at my Massey project or at the Can thread (pretty long :smiley:

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