Leica Mojo Rtk with Trimble ez steer upgrading

Hello! I am new to the Ag Open GPS but am very interested in it. I have a older Leica Mojo RTK system. It has Two antennas each with 2 Fraka connectors. I also have the base station. I would like to set up a laptop or tablet rather than the Leica system. I suppose what I am asking, is this possible? I would like to reuse as much of the set up as possible, if possible. The actual unit for steering the tractor is a Trimble ez steer. I look forward to any input!

I don’t have any experience with an EZ steer, but if you have a 9 pin serial cable coming out of the mojortk, just buy 9 pin serial to USB adaptor, and that will get NMEA data into your computer.

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It’s certainly possible to use the EZ-Steer with AgOpenGPS. Any of the motor controller boards people have set up with can drive the EZ-Steer. The new All-in-One board can do it. Here’s the pinout:

You’d need to add a wheel angle sensor to the steering axle. The encoder built into the EZ-Steer motor is not used by AOG.

I just dug the unit out of storage and unfortunately it does not have a 9-pin connector.

Excellent, that seems simple enough haha. Thank you for that.

It does have 2 usb ports on the front of the unit though. But no 9-pin

I have tried getting NMEA data out of the USB ports, but I don’t think that is possible. To use the mojortk, you will need a harness that plugs into the back like this.

You will want to build a PCB for the autosteer, so I would suggest buying an F9P and antenna and just forget the mojoRTK, unless you are on a very tight budget. If you build an AIO board and use an F9P receiver, it will be easy for other forum members to help you troubleshoot any problems, and you will have better satellite availability, because the mojoRTK will only track GPS satellites unless you have the glonass unlock.

Keep the Trmible EZ Steer, this will work well with AOG, try and sell the Leica bits on eBay, use the proceeds to build an AOG PCB, will be much easier and better than wasting time with the Leica.