Trimble EZ-Steer

Friend reckoned this system wasn’t much cop on his combine, so he never uses it.

I wonder if I can improve it, somehow… :wink:

Copied from elsewhere on here:
1,2 - Motor +
3,4 - Motor -
5 - unused
6 - encoder 5v
7 - encoder ground
8 - encoder channel A, open collector
9 - encoder channel B, open collector

I just wired up 1 and 3 for a quick test.


Sounds like you are training a new ag electronics technician in the video!


He should be training me, I think !


So it’s a DC motor instead of a stepping motor?

I also have an EZ-STEER motor, can you send a detailed pin diagram? I can’t tell which is the first leg on the DB9 interface.

It’s not a stepper motor, no. Just a regular DC motor.

The pins are numbered if you look closely at the plug. Standard db9 numbering. Here’s a serial port, but the numbers will the same. This is a male plug:

big thx.

Per my guide above, I used pins 1 and 3 (top left, and 2 along)

The EZ steer has a good second hand value on eBay and the like. Lots of people heavily invested into the Trimble Ecosystem.

Would easily sell it and get a Phidgets, brackets etc. and have plenty to spare.

Of course as a challenge, well, can’t put a value on that!

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