Light bar through M5StickC Plus

Setting up a light bar on a M5stickC Plus. Upon initial flash it works great. If disconnected or turned off in AGIO. Upon reconnect it locks the loop in the M5. The M5 is just an ESP32. I’m running hardwire serial. I’ve tried dumping the serial, reset the setup(). ESP.restart(). All to no avail. Unplugging the serial and plug back in will restart the loop, But no connection to AGIO. Try to reconnect and lock. Restart AGIO as soon as it trys to make connection it is locked. The only way I’ve found to restart it is to re flash it. Any thoughts?

Dear KentStuff, as far as I remember, the first one to use M5stickC was minolu-JP, I found a message from him, message number 33.

Hello KentStuff,
I use bluetooth with the M5stickC, USB was not working (and confirmed by minolu_JP).
You have to be choose the correct com port in AGIO otherwise it will hang AGIO and you have to delete the config to try again.
Once set, it is very stable on bluetooth.

Agio send distance from line only if autosteer is enabled. So check settings (or set to manual turn on, or if button enabled - check pin)

Any of you tried converting to UDP and just run it in network?

No, my wifi was already used for internet for RTK corrections. It should work without problem.

Alright, I found a work around to get the USB working. I do not know if it will make a mess of other things. It takes a software edit inside of AGIO.

Those of you who want to edit it:

Inside AGIO, Loop, SerialComm.Designer

Inside the OpenSteerModulePort()

Comment out the two lines that contain
DtrEnable and RtsEnable.

Again, I have no idea what other things it may do, but my M5 is working now.