Link Collection

I am always looking for the same links of all the GitHub rep’s and manuals. Maybe we can make a collection here

GitHub - farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS: Ag Precision Mapping, Section Control and Guidance Software

Dual GPS
GitHub - Jeep1945/Dualheading-2022
GitHub - mtz8302/AOG_GPS_ESP32: DUAL or SINGLE GPS bridge between AgOpenGPS an GPS receiver. Works with 2 UBlox to calculate heading+roll. Corrects and filters. ESP32 + Arduino MEGA

Advanced Hardware for AgOpenGPS
GitHub - GormR/HW_for_AgOpenGPS: Autosteering and RTK-GNSS units for AgOpenGPS / QtOpenGuidance

CanBus for Beginners - Super Simple - #699 by CommonRail
CAN connector positions
GitHub - MechanicTony/AOG_CAN_Teensy4.1: AgOpenGPS using Teensy4.1 and CANBUS AutoSteer Ready Tractors
GitHub - jkonno/AOG_CAN_valve: AOG ino with support for ISOBUS CAN valve commands

Rate Control
GitHub - SK21/AOG_RC: AgOpenGPS with rate control.

GitHub - Pat-I/OpenGrade: Grade display for ditching and leveling
GitHub - BlackAceIndustries/BlackAce_OpenGrade: Open Grade

Tree Planning
GitHub - KentStuff/AOG-Tree: Modified AgOpenGPS to layout Trees

Shop Andreas
F9P Config Files from Andreas
Improved konfiguration files for f9p with firmware 1.13

If I should add something, please just post here.