Micro F9P group buy

We will be ready to do the group buy for the Ardusimple Micro F9P modules in the next day or so.
Ardusimple will supply a promotion code for each individual who wants to buy. I am waiting on the specifics before we get started.
After we order, Ardusimple will wait until we reach the 50 pc goal before they process our orders.

The retail price has gone up, but Ardusimple has honored our original bulk price of $167.00 ea.


What is the benefitts of buying RTK2B micro + antenna (208EUR) instead of RTK2B basic starter kit (211EUR)?

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Ardusimple wants a list of e-mail addresses for each buyer. They will e-mail a code to use on their site to the e-mail you send.

SEND your email to this e-mail address and I will send them all to Ardusimple as one e-mail


Please Don’t post your email hear on the forum.

They are the same product. The Micro has a smaller footprint allowing for a more compact board.

Will both, the original size and the micro, fit onto the newly being released teensy-style board and its box?

If I only have the original size will I need to be modifying/designing my own pcb, container, etc. ?

The new teensy all in one board will come in two versions, a micro version and a regular version.

There is one pcb that uses the original standard size F9P and one pcb for the Micro F9P.
We did this so those who already have their F9P don’t have to switch.
Both boards use the same components other than the GPS module

I checked with Ardusimple, and they said we can use the code to buy ANN_MB antennas on the same purchase as our Micro’s.
When you send your email, please state how many Micros and how many antennas you want, and we can do a quick tally to know where we are before I forward the email addresses.

Are the Survey antennas worth it over the ANN-MB? The ANN-MB are a bit less visible (and thus attractive to thieves of course). Friend changed ANN-MB to Survey at his base station and it didn’t make too much of a difference, for what that’s worth…

I have both and honestly can’t tell any difference. I use the ANN-MB for both

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I have responded to every e-mail I have received. If you didn’t receive a response, please let me know.
I will try to keep sending responses as they come.
We will wait until tomorrow about this time to send the emails to Ardusimple.

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Regarding the Teensyduino, you will also need Arduino IDE 1.8 (and it can be installed alongside v2.0, you can have both) - I found when I tried to upload the INO using the latest V2.x version, the Teensy4.1 would go into some sort of loop afterwards, like it was rebooting continuously or something. Not a full USB disconnect, but a ping and then it would restart. As soon as I used 1.8 instead, the problem went away. Sure enough, it says 1.8 required there, but I missed that at the time :confused:

If there are any more who want to send their email.
I will send them in about 8 hours from now
4P.M. central time CST.

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Ardusimple contacted me and said that many are asking about a discount for the standard large F9P module.
There is no discount for the large module. This code is only good for the small Micro F9P and the ANN-MB antenna
I have asked if it is possible to order the large module at regular cost on this order for those who want to make a base station. I will post the answer when I recieve it.


This would be one version of the Micro and one version of the Standard




Not sure if I was too late but I emailed you

Ya we sent the names earlier today. We are hoping to do another buy in the winter

Only noticed this now, I think I’d be interested in joining your next order.