Minimal hardware for control autosteer by arduino

someone can tell me what firmware is necessary for use the minimal cofiguration in the picture bellow?

Thank you

Well, i am not sure you can find a firmware for that old schematics.
But I started with that minimal schematics 4 years ago, maybe it was named coffeetrack.ino
And that old ino does not work with new 5.72 AOG program.
You must rely on all the users here, and order a pcb.
You could start with pcbv2 or the kaupoi v4 (they are much alike)
Or go the newest way and get the AIO board.

The all in one here.

The boards can be found on farmerbriantee github, same place as the AOG program.

For WAS sensor to work ADC is needed.

Pins are no longer correct on that schematic, check .ino for correct pins.

  //Dir1 for Cytron Dir, Both L and R enable for IBT2
  #define DIR1_RL_ENABLE  4  //PD4

  //PWM1 for Cytron PWM, Left PWM for IBT2
  #define PWM1_LPWM  3  //PD3

  //Not Connected for Cytron, Right PWM for IBT2
  #define PWM2_RPWM  9 //D9

  //--------------------------- Switch Input Pins ------------------------
  #define STEERSW_PIN 6 //PD6
  #define WORKSW_PIN 7  //PD7
  #define REMOTE_PIN 8  //PB0

  //Define sensor pin for current or pressure sensor

Then it should work with autosteer .ino

But its more for table test, for field you need PCB for reliable performance.