MTZ Hydraulic Steering

Hi Can you help me with what kind of valve I can use for the hydraulic steering of the mtz?

Welcome jojokings.
You do not provide us with enough information to help you.
Tractor model nr?
Open Center hydraulic, or Closed Center perhaps with load sense? (CCLS)
Actually when you know the hydraulic system, you can find the info elsewhere on this forum. For example : search for “open center” with the magnifying glass at the top of the page :slightly_smiling_face:

The tractor is an MTZ 892 There are 4 connections on the orbit! I’ve looked through every topic but nowhere can I find a decent description that would work! I need a valve that I can order and a drawing of how it connects! Thanks

I think this is what you want.
But I suggest you read all 47 posts around baraki.

Open center hydraulic , non reaction orbitrol on MTZ.

Thanks for the help