I have put a system in a Deere and it seemed to perform just fine once I was able to get the wiring for their plug figured out. Haven’t had any issue with battery obstructing the Satellites view but may become an issue with low sky visibility. I recently built a new bin yard with the system and it didn’t have any RTK losses when scraping right beside existing bins so I don’t see it being an issue.

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I agree optisurface is a good choice. What would the workflow be? creat the surface file in Optisurface import to OG. or use optisurface to drive your board? I beleive optisurface has surface stake feature? I use civil 3d for our site design work. Wonder if the surface file format is the same as optisurface. Anyway getting open grade working 3d with a reciiver on each end of the blade would be a huge step.

I have been experimenting with civil 3D but haven’t put a bunch of time into it yet. You would create a design file in optisurface or civil3D and import into OXG 3D. Similar to how pat as implemented it. I have most of the stuff written for dual antenna control for each side of the blade.

Would you be able to send me some machine design files from civil 3d so I can work on implementing it into OGX3D. Preferable in landXml. I have some example .agd and .ags files for optisurface.

Ok I’ll see what I can do. Not sure how that even works if there is a specific file for machine control or is it simply a surface file that trimble or topcon uses. What I have been doing is export a tin. file import it to FieldGenius use the stake surface feature to manually control the scraper or box blade.

It would be nice if you could integrate 3D grading! OG3D was the best I could do with my very limited coding skills, I simply don’t have enough time to put in this.

All the visual rendering is very bad coding but the calculation actually work pretty well! One limitation is that the point grid should be at 0 degree, not in an angle, with optisurface it’s easy, there is an box when exporting the file, just put 0 degree in it!

I used ags/agd because it was in lat/long(universal), a text file (easy to code) and compatible with optisurface (a very powerful tool)

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The workflow would be to use OpenGrade, or any GPS software to make the survey file.

This file is imported in Optisurface (or similar software) to make the design the create the design file

This is then loaded in OG to level!
The files are just coordinates with heights and codes(boundary, zones, pts)


Is optisurface worth the cost in your opinion? As I am looking for a solid GIS program. The code for 3d point calculation is a bit messsy but it has helped me to write a bunch of functions that should clean it up a lot. Without it though I would be lost.

As well what exactly do you mean by the point grid degrees?

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I would like to someday use OG3D with our 12 ft. blade. However I don’t think I can convince my bosses that it’s worth the optisurface cost. Maybe this would work. I haven’t had the time to explore it. Yet.

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I priced out Optisurface a month or two ago and they told me it would be about $1000 CAD for the program and enough credits for 1000 acres. Not really that expensive at all.

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This is the email they sent me.

Thanks for your interest in our pricing. 
OptiSurface Designer - Inoffice Analysis & Design Software - $997 which gives a license for 1 computer with 1000 OptiSurface Credits to analyze and export up to 1000 acres. Volume discounts available for larger areas. Learn more about it here:

Would you like to know more this? 
Get your FREE Water Flow Analysis & Earthworks Design for a field here:


Ed Foronda (BEng Ag)
Design & Support Engineer - OptiSurface
Support Center:
"Celebrating over 1 Million Acres of Optimized Agricultural Earthworks"

P.S. Graeme also sees these emails and discusses many with me.
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The cost is 3 credit/ac (7,5 per ha) minimum 45 credits, you can combine multiple fields to obtain the minimum. In my case it was 1450CAD for 1000 credits.

It was JD dealer (with exclusive right in my area from what I understood) selling it :confused:
He wanted 400 bucks more for “training course”, after some negotiation he accepted to not charge it after I promised him to never call for help! :rofl:

Absolutely, it’s very powerful, you will move just the minimum or dirt needed. But you must have some skills to make it awesome, it really just calculate the parameters you dial in. The guy behind the computer will make the difference.

Edit: the 1$ per acre is if you only run the water analysis, maybe also some basic grading.
And it’s free until you export to the machine So you can check fields and make as many earthwork simulation you want for free.

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direttamente da USDA

I use Ezigrade for our designs. I use a rtk corrected F9P on the ute for surveying the feild using opengrade3d survey function. Then pull the .ags file into Ezigrade to modify and create a plan.
I havent got opengrade 3d driving the laser scoop yet but thats comming. But do use the opengrade3d maps to see where the cut and fill is. Works great.
Ezigrade is a out right purchase with no ongoing royalty like optisurface.

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Site doesn’t seem secure. Sent me to other sites etc. Anyone else experience this?

seems to work for me

Thank you! Your link works great for me.

I don’t quite understand what the CDS (modules) are for, why would you want to buy them separately from Ezigrade?

How are the boards coming. Any ready for sale yet.

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Also wouldn’t an AIO board work as well? It has a hydraulic valve driver, gps, IMU, and Ethernet. Wouldn’t it cover all the bases?

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OGX is wireless only I think

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