I am starting this thread for the OpenGradeX Wireless RTK Drainage system I have adapted to Brian’s original OpenGrade, with help from others in the Grade Control thread of this forum. Here are some screenshots, along with the link to my Git-hub. PCB boards are designed and Gerber files will be release upon testing of the boards.


can’t wait for the PCB’s to be ready, i have a few questions to get this thread started.
what type of valve do you think would be best suited for this application, should i be a on/off or a variable.
i’m not familiar with UDP and wireless setups but think it’s very neat and helps with the simplicity with just being able to take it off and move it on to a different peice of equipment but can opengrade X run the wireless setup for the scraper and a wired setup for agopen in order to control the tractor.
i have an idea of making a removable box (since the scraper is only one we borrow) so the hydraulic fittings from the scraper will go to the valve and then running hoses to the ls system of the tractor, any ideas or things i should take in to consideration would be greatly apreciated. -Bjarke


What kind of a tractor would you be pulling it with? If it is a newer CNH, or DEERE tractor you can simply plug the grade control module into the correct harness on each and it will control up to two of your onboard SCV’s. No need for another valve. If you don’t have one of those tractors, I am working on adding the capability to control a external Danfoss Valve but need some help from others with a better electronics knowledge to complete that. It is to control a Danfoss PVG 32

As for running simultaneously with AOG I don’t see the UDP causing issues. But I haven’t tested to confirm.

We intend to use a Massey Ferguson 7480, so would need the valve. Don’t know if I would be able to help, I’m currently working as a tractor mechanic apprentice so might have a few people i could ask

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Here is a quick update. PCB’s have arrived and everything seems to be in check, still missing some components because of the chip shortage. Hopefully will get a chance to test them out in the next couple weeks.

Grade Control and Antenna Module PCB

-Grade Control Module With Components

-Completed Grade Control Module

-Both Base and Antenna Module use the same board

-Base Module

-Antenna Module


Looks really good, what components are you missing? I have bags of spare parts, maybe I might have something

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Looks nice!

Been out of this post for a while. Working on another project hack. What kind of precision are you getting on elevation. And what are you using to get it?

Just the voltage regulators. I can get by for testing by using the usb power port, but will need them to be able to run off 12V power.

Haven’t had a chance to test it, took it all out and did some surveying on a mast made for the side by side, seemed to be pretty accurate but no real way to verify it yet. It just used a ardusimple RTK2B rover and base setup, would love to use n trip but cell service very spotty in our area so have to resort to a line of site system. I think ardusimple claims centimetre accuracy if the base has had 24 hrs to find its location, but again all unverified.

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Are you going to setup your ardu rtk base to do radio only or possibly ntrip as well? We put up an ardu base last spring in shop, send it over ntrip via rtk2go. We have used it for the rtk base to our Trimble Rovers in the Case tractors. I did the survey in thing and sent the data away to get post processed. I think if you do radio you could do a few of those type of setups around farm and then move base to a remembered spot and have good accuracy.

Yeah couple good options. I haven’t really looked into the n trip side of things yet, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, the esp has wireless connectivity capability and is already connected to serial line of ardusimple. So as long as you can send correction data over serial to the ntrip caster, which I imagine is what rtk2Go is. May need some configureing of the Ublox file as well. It should work though with the antenna module PCB setup as it is now.

Do you run rtk on the seeder, sprayer, combines?

No we do not, I find we are to hilly too really take advantage of sub inch. Just use rangepoint for all our receivers now, mostly to get away from WAS which I think is garbage and to get a sub ft repeatability.


For rangepoint do Trimbles have to be rtk unlocked or just omni?

I have several extra vregs. Where are you located? PM me.

You dont need either unlock for Rangepoint the first unlock isnt until centerpoint I believe, and then of course RTK unlock again after that.

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Our ntrip base on rtk2go is Aquafarm if you want to use it for any testing or just to look, neighbor few miles east of us has one on there as well. Ours works for Case/Trimble RTK as well as for f9ps etc

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I will have to add ntrip to OGX to use it but thanks to @Pat and @nut great work on Opengrade3D i know just where to look to find it. I am curious to snoop around a bit on rtk go so I will check that out. Is there a site that I can see some more info on it as well as available base stations?