Pcb gets hot

Hello everybody.
I mounted the all in one pcb and it’s working fine, but I came across a situation that I don’t think is normal, I’ll explain.
In the place where the polarity of the pcb is chosen (12v or 24v)

In my case it is 12v.
That solder connection gets very, very hot (I burned my finger on the back of the pcb) and has the distinct smell of frying electronics whenever the steering motor is running, even for a short period of time.
If the steering motor is stopped, the pcb does not heat up at all.
Does the solder have a lot of resistance?
Is it better to redo the connection with more solder or with a wire?
Or is the steering motor pulling too many amps? (I Macgyver a generic brush motor from an old drill to test the system, I’m still waiting for the PHIDGETS motor.)
Or using the indicated 24v Phidgets engine will the problem go away?
Thank you feed back.

Could you post a picture of the solder joint?

How many amps is consuming your motor, that much current is going through that joint, so solution may be simple just make it ticker, but of course make sure its not short circuit

this is the connection, it even looks like it changed color with temperature

I’ll try to solder again, maybe it wasn’t connected well

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I think you feed everything through D6 and that one is getting hot.
Depending on your AIO version, I dont think it is a good idea to feed Cytron from the 12 V ampseal input, you should connect 12 to the 24 v input to feed cytron,
Else you might end here:

EDIT: This is more specific: All in One PCB - #1179 by del_boy

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You would not happen to have a picture of the label on the side of the solder roll?

Like @Larsvest said it’s maybe D6. This 12V source is 3 amp MAX or you will burn the diode.

So I have to make this kind of connection?
And is there no problem having a parallel connection together with the 12V coming from pin 22 of the ampeseal plug?

Parallel is fine