PCB v2 IMP and Remote connections

I have my PCB v2 working and also a separate nano and the 8 relay board. The relays are working as desired. I have a switch mounted on Steer that turns on/off the mot0r that controlls the steering. However I have never had a good explanation of the use of the IMP and REMOTE connections. Do I used these to enable disable the sectional control
or is one of them for raising and lowering a tool. If so how are they set up and used with the software.

That’s a good question. On the bench, using a external GPS simulator, I can’t figure that out either. Maybe someone knowledgeable could answer.

there is something is this tread:

From what I understand IMP is for turning on and off the “painting” in AOG with a switch, you also have to check a box in aog
REMOTE is now used for pressure switch with hydraulic valve.

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