Quick Start Guide to Software

Is there a guide to the software beyond the one that explains what the buttons are. This site is awesome but everyone is always talking about autosteer, RTK, and variable rate control most people can’t even get the software to run.

If they could use the software in simulation mode it would get them comfortable.

So for myself and everyone else is there a step by step guide to success in agopen to spread a field of fertilizer while driving the tractor yourself.

Do I need a boundary since I made a field. What the hell is an AB line? Then headlands and tram lines and curves and straights. Wow. Head spinning.

To get us all started does someone have a nice list to get rocking in agopen.

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Maybe this video (and some others under youtube, found at upper right corner) AgOpenGPS v4.6 Beta Test - YouTube

Demo mode would be SIM (simulator mode)

Have you had a look at the user guide that comes with the software?

He is looking for full step by step, no fill in the blanks instructions to get driving in field. The labels only manual currently is a giant step forward from when I started looking at ag open.

From chatting on this forum and farming, I have learned.

  1. Farmers are visual learners, if they see it once they can do it and understand it.

  2. Farmers are hard of hearing, so closed captioning or step by step text are a must.

Also another major consideration is to explain the use in non engineering terms at the user level. Or be able to describe the terms in a user understandable fashion.

This is getting done at the speed of volunteerism.

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I have a computer science background, work in automation design and farm a bit on the side. I will help. I am not asking anyone to do this so I dont have to do anything. But I also know that I spent a week of nights so far trying to work through version 5 and watched as many videos as possible and feel strongly that a simple getting started guide could create excitment rather than frustration.

If I started writing some outlines on this forum would someone else add some detail to this to help out.


Im thinking somethign that is about 7-10 paragraphs should really help people get excited and going. The old WIki has a very good starting point its just so outdated that it isnt reletive anymore.

  1. You need to configure your equipment.
  2. Create a field. A field is… You create a field for each individual field.
  3. Create a Boundary - A Boundary is… You use a boundary to define internal obsticales on your fields. These are set so that…
  4. Set up something, or do this next.
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I think there is more focus on the .pdf manual at the moment that is included with the program download.

The included manual only explains each button what it does, it’s not one how to start.

Making a user manual is a hard job, we have to explain many concepts, and not only do we talk about software, there is also hardware, there is a project to do it but we progress very slowly.

Because it was so slow is the reason for the manual included in the program.

I think better option are videos on Youtube Channel, but there’s a problem with languaje

Only a small team can add content to the PDF. If we get a good list going they can take it from here and implement in into the pdf and change it to there liking. But if I was the person in charge id take any list anyone can give me to help along the way.

There was a thread awhile back where the released the .doc your free to add whatever you like and submit for copy and paste inclusion to the .pdf.

I’m pretty sure that I wrote a task list on here ages ago, at least covering all the steps in getting autosteer working.

Fairly sure others have too, I will have a dig later:

I have been wanting to make some videos for the youtube channel, focusing on AoG software setup and using sim to show features. I think I can get the basics recorded but it would be nice if we have someone fluent in “YouTubing” to know how to add correct subtitles/text, maybe some editing, adding chapters and links to the next/prev video in a series.

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First video would use this write up as a guide, Basic Installation & Startup. It needs some peer review as to things/details to add so that I don’t have to redo it too often. The 2nd video could be a basic tour of the menus and settings pages. I’d love to see some good collaboration with this, but time is always the big problem.

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Ill help as much as I can and have a pretty good team that may be able to help on some videos. As an outsider looking in I find content on the hardware you need to purchase, setting up a tractor and equipment in the menues, a bunch of videos proving that comone is using it to autosteer, however I cant find a video or document on actual usuage of the software.

Simply asked: What do I do after I get my tablet conected to my GPS and get AGOpenGPS intalled and opened. Nothing about autosteer, variable rate, rate control just going to go for a drive and see where I have been and where I need to go.

Biggest problem with AOG

Idea list, Max
Programming wants, Max
Programming Time, Not enough
Testing time, Not enough
Hardware construction time, Not enough
Prioritizing the workflow…

I’ll get to it.

Always wanted to build a start up screen.

Step 1 - set up this
Step 2 - set up this
Step 3 - set up this


With check boxes when done or not needed.

Typically there are not but a few tractors, a few tools, and a few fields. But lots of combinations.

I’m using tractor - one, with tool - three and in field - 6. Once set up, just pick and go.

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I understand. I guess my point is this thread is longer than what I expected the whole “getting started” document to be. Im hoping @bluerabbit has a list (I think I remember the thread he is speaking of) and maybe then I could start building a document on how I did it. I am confident I can get this put toghether with this forums help I am just going to have to go at it a bit differently than I am.

We tend to get a little wordy. And the discourse becomes just that, a discourse. It needs to be part of the software. It needs to change with the software. It needs to walk the new comer through the first steps.

Brian spent some time laying out the buttons in order. Typically - Counter clockwise, Left buttons first. Tractor, Field, Com. Bottom buttons guidance settings. Then the right buttons - toggles while driving.

Forgot to include the link to the recent basic start guide I typed up earlier today.

What should get added to this for a first video?