Really Simple Lightbar System

Hello! I just want someone to tell me if I will be fine with a simple lightbar system if I just get some sort of Windows tablet like a Panasonic FZ G1 and an F9P Ardusimple Kit. I heard it will have satellite drift, and if I am aware of it, I can adjust it on the fly while working. Does the Ardusimple Kit come with a receiver, or do I need to buy one separately? So, I just plug the Ardusimple into the computer and the antenna into the Ardusimple board? I need to achieve a minimum 20cm accuracy, so will that be achievable? Because I don’t want to set up anything else.


I am really sorry i have made this kind of topic before but i have never really gotten the answer i wanted i just want to know which is the correct F9P board i need to get because i dont really understand these things. Is this the right one? simpleRTK2B Basic Starter Kit IP67 - ZED-F9P Evaluation kit also what are headers? do i need them?

That kit is all you need, headers aren’t required (the legs for mounting to a PCB).

Also, you can use a local free RTK station if there is one, so drift probably not an issue.

Yes. That is a good starting place. You can use that f9p and tablet as is and then you can incorporate them into a steer system later. I sprayed this year with the same system you described. You should try to get rtk if at all possible. Then the weak link is how well you can follow the light bar.

Thats very good! I dont think there are many RTK stations near me or i am not really sure because i am in a small country (Estonia). But what is RTK2GO if you know? Is that something i can connect to to get RTK?

Rtk2go hosts peoples private base stations and makes them available to the public. It is definitely worth looking if there is one near you. If not you can make your own using another one of those kits you linked and some way to connect it to the Internet. That’s what I did.

I looked at some sort of map i got to from the rtk2go website and there are red dots so are they the stations i could connect to? Sorry for asking too many questions.

Yes. I was just looking at the map and didn’t see any in Estonia. They have to be pretty close to you. (40 km or so)

So there arent really any in Estonia? I dont really want to make a basestation or anything like that and it would be nice if i could get atleast 20cm would that be possible?

Is any of the Estonian EUREF stations close to you?

If you only need 20 cm of precision and more follow the points manually. I think that if you do not have a base near your home, you can use EGNOS, you will have this precision, on the other hand a drift throughout the day, generally 15 - 20 cm every 2 hours.

How is it that when i use only f9p amd fz g1 i drift 15 cm when standing still? I have dgps but still drift like…h…

Single and dgps performance is heavily dependant on location, sat count etc.

For 20cm accuracy um982 with Galileo E6-HAS is option as well.

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I checked and they arent sadly.

Without rtk u should be getting 20cm of accuarcy. Right now I have 20cm of overlap and pretty happy with it but RTK would be great.

On the map there seems to be one close to me.

If i cant get RTK ill be happy with 20cm accuracy!

Does not help being close to you if they do not offer the signal for commercial use:

"ESTPOS is widely used by the Land Board and other governmental institutions in Estonia, and for educational and research purposes. ESTPOS is currently not availble for commercial use."

You can always get RTK, if not free from others, then from your own base.

You will not be happy with 20 cm pass-to-pass accuracy if you have tried RTK.

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