Release 5.1.5 - No Delay fix?

This version is an attempt to fix delays some people are experiencing. All i can suggest is give it a try. What it does is limit the number of NMEA sentences to 10 hz instead of allowing many sentences that may have accumulated due to windows being busy and then overloading AOG by making a zillion frame updates. They are simply dropped.

KML now has RecPath, Zoom buttons fixed. Rate Controller is now in support.

There is a new number on the screen. This shows how many times AOG ignores the incoming new NMEA sentence because it arrived less then 90 msec from the time the previous sentence arrives. 10 hz gps is 100 miliseconds a new one shows up, and 8 hz is 125 milliseconds a new one shows up.

If you are driving along, this number should NOT be changing. If you open a field, make a boundary, open Config, you will see the number count up - it is supposed to. But not when you are just driving along - one maybe once in a while ok - Windows is not a real time operating system.

What i think was happening is AOG was actually just getting behind and couldn’t catch up. v5 uses the new nmea sentence to trigger a frame update (redraw and do all the calcs) much better then v4 that checked often and if new data arrived would update. But if the system was busy drawing a border contour for example for a couple or more seconds there could be 20 or 30 sentences waiting to be processed so they would get get dumped in all at the same time. If your frame rate was fast enough (really good openGL card) it would survive, but many did not so they never caught up.

Think of it like a huge pile going thru a combine harvester - and we all know what happens. Think of this update as a pile eliminator. Now if only i could do this for a real combine…

Please let me know if this helps. I’m pretty sure you will.


This might help quite a few as the Panasonic CF-D1 is a popular tablet choice and tough it may be but powerful it definitely is not. Any additional activity and steer sometimes struggles. The FZ-G1 is another thing entirely. Even with less memory it flies with AOG.

is it just me, do not think I can change language

@BrianTee_Admin Smiles. Also, if you would add


at line 1769 the ABLines would show up in the KML. It just got left out some how.

Is your CF-D1 a Mk1, Mk2 or Mk3 version? These all should not be considered the same.

Ok i will add it. Thanks again for doing the code!

Both are Mk2. One 4Mb one 6Mb ram.

Tested my first build this afternoon in and old spracoupe. 5.1.5, Dell 7212, f9p @10hz, pcb v2 with a cytron. While the steering was engaged the new counter was ticking over every 2-3seconds (9 counts in 17 seconds on a video). I turned the f9p back to 9hz and it stopped counting up. Would aog prefer 9hz of 10hz?

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I always use F9P at 10 Hz without any problems. Which F9P configuration are you using and what is your serial port speed set to? Do you have all constellations active on the F9P?

I’ll check tomorrow morning

Andreas latest config seems to work on mine. Pretty certain that is 10Hz.

Be absolutely sure you have set your power mode to best performance!!! Click on the battery or go into power settings.



AOG can work with any speed, the question is can your Dell. Dropping a few counts is ok, but it says you are pushing the limits.

I think what i should do is set the timeout to 80 milliseconds to not limit sentences to 20 msec jitter, but not causing a delay either. Make it more forgiving.

See the post above? Have you done that?

The power performance setting worked fine. 30 counts in 5 hours.


I have my power performance cranked and I am getting a couple thousand counts in a an afternoon. I also have lost my roll for some weird reason but my compass bearing is still working. I gave up and had to use my markers again.

Can you show a video where we can see the incomming messages and the frequency the receiver is running? What receiver do you use? Maybe in telegram group?

sorry i confuse this topic i recreate an other one here

I am all done planting now but I did find a few issues that were hindering my success.

1- my rtk2b gps receiver was giving me 1hz instead of 10 hz :s Not sure how that got changed.

2- I had my min pwm set so it would just start to move the wheels but my low pwm was to low and it made it to sluggish, once I turned it up things got better.

3 - My roll disappeared randomly and restarting everything multiple times wouldn’t bring it back. I had a hydraulic line blow on the planter and by the time I got back with a new one the roll was working again haha. I love it when things fix them selves.

As for the delay issue I have my tablet set to performance and I get the odd count every few min on the number to the left of the screen but its not counting up fast by any means. Things are certainly better now then they use to be.

@Slimfarmer number1 - i’m not sure but when you program nano and get to choose wrong com port so you send nano program to F9P instead might change it to 1 Hz, think that was what happened to me

That is very possible. For here on out I think I will isolate by unplugging everything but the one I am programming haha.