RTK Lost problem

Hello. I have F9P and RTK Signal from Eupos. After moving the antenna, the RTK signal disappears and then reappears after a while. What could be causing RTK instability?

Explain more. If it is on a rover, then antenna move all the time when driving!

I have firmware 1.13 and Rover_AOrtner_10Hz-01 configuration. When I move, it loses the RTK signal, after a while it picks up again and then loses it again.

Then (if the configuration was saved successfully on f9p) rover should be fine.
So problem is base station messages.
I do not know how eupos work, i suppose the following is what you use. How did you set up connection which port. How far away is base?

I am 5 km from the base. I enter bane as stated on the website. I also try to use different ports and the situation is the same.

Then back to rover. What is your gps hz stated in AOG? Click on speed icon and an info box appear. Both raw and actual must be around 10 hz there.

You did not save the 10 hz rover before unpower of f9p.
Follow instructions on how to load new settings for f9p.
The 1 hz tell that f9p run standard configuration ( or maybe base configuration if you ever loaded that)

I re-uploaded the configuration and it is 10Hz

Just load the aortner rover file again and remember to save before unpower.
Or maybe your f9p has new firmware 1.3 instead of 1.13 then find rover file for 1.3.

I don’t know what pcb you are using but here is a good thread.

Of if it’s 4.1, this one:

Now I only have one-way communication with the antenna and no GPS signal.

But that 4.1 board must connect by UDP as far as I know.

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