RTKBase: a GUI for your own Gnss Base Station

Hello, I changed the orange pi and usb cable and it worked for two days and now the problem occurred again.

Hi , i’m using Raspberry Pi 5 and when booting the image it says to set the os_check to 0 in config.txt, but when I set it, the Rpi doesn’t boot. Black screen. Do I have to set the os_check parameter in an specific place?
Otherwise, I’m using Waveshare GPS Hat,

Anyone have try it?

Off topic at this thread but are you rovers L1+L5 receivers or F9P (L1 + L2) or all rovers L1+L5 too?

Are L1+L5 receivers

Is it possible to connect orange pi to f9p with uart?

Strange…it looks like the software can’t read the settings.conf file. Could you display it’s content with cat ~/rtkbase/settings.conf ?

The actual Raspberry Pi image isn’t compatible with the Raspberry Pi 5.
And by the way, the LC29H receiver won’t be recognized. You will have to configure it to output rtcm, and configure RTKBase with the right tty input, and set the format to rtcm3.

Yes, it will be detected and configured.

Is this how it needs to be connected
Opi TX ——-> F9P RX
Opi RX —-—> F9P TX

yes, it is.

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Been a while since I looked though this project…cool stuff!

Can one simply run this on a pi 3 or similar alongside Tailscale on both the pi and an AOG tablet and be good to go?

Those who have done this, how’s the stability/reliability/robustness of this connection & setup?

I run RTKBase and tailscale on my Pi 4b as well as tailscale on my AOG tablet. The RTKBase NTRIP Caster Service paired with Tailscale is rock solid. I still broadcast to rtk2go, but that’s mostly in case anyone else wants to try to connect.

It’s also super handy to be able to Remote Desktop/VNC to and from the tractor tablets, print things from the tractor tablet, etc.

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Says no such file or directory. Should I try reflash the sd card?

Hi, I have installed manually and seems to work. I have to test it a bit. I’m using two boards from Waveshare, the rover and base hats and seem to work well.
For anyone interested: https://www.waveshare.com/wiki/LC29H(XX)_GPS/RTK_HAT
They are cheap compared to other cards.

I don’t know why, but a receiver that can receive the L2 band is always way more expensive than a receiver that cannot receive the L2 band.

It looks like this module caps out at 1 Hz when using RTK? That would not be suitable for a tractor rover.

New version works with raspberry pi zero?

I believe it does as the pi zero and pi zero w have similar specs to a pi 2.

But there’s no Ethernet port. I don’t think it’s wise for something that has to function 24/7 to work on wifi. I like Ethernet. Your choice, just something to consider.

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I knew the Pi 4b’s ran hotter but I didn’t realize how much!