Serial connection terminating when connecting 12v power

Morning all - before I start to pull everything to pieces, has anyone else had any issues with a serial connection terminating when 12v external power is added?

I’m using Kaupoi Mod 4 board, powered by 12v from tractor with the board connected to the tablet by USB cable. It all worked fine when I was using 5.6.2 and the relevant arduino sketch, but upgrading to 5.7.2 agopengps and upgrading to latest sketches (it says v5 and was modified 6months ago according to github) has caused the issue.

When I just connect the board via USB it all works fine, but as soon as I add 12v to power the motor, agopengps tells me the connection has been terminated.

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Nano clone problem. Read the whole thread, and see solution

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Thanks for this - unfortunately my nano clone has the CH340 chip rather than the FTDI chip and these apparently are not supposed to be affected by this glitch. I will keep investigating - others seem to have issues using the latest CH340 drivers, causing the arduino to keep resetting. Will see if that helps!

Hmmmm! A lot of my esp32s have the CP210x the dev boards with it worked to upload yesterday and today windows doesn’t recognize them. My ESP32 D1Minis have the same chip and they work fine. I wonder if this is the same type of issue? Let me know if you have a break through.

Edit: fullly charged my tablet and tried 3 different cables. By the time I was till the 3 rd the tablet was charged. After the last cable worked I could go back to the 1st and it worked as well. :flushed:

And you use the usb version, not the UDP version for nano.
I have one system running on nano but via UDP, and aog ver 5.72
Did you try doing it the other way around?
First 12 V power, and then connect the USB
EDIT: looking in recent files in Arduino.ino, it looks like I probably used Autosteer_UDP_v571 . That file was the one used in february.

The USB one that I downloaded from github just says Autosteer_USB_v5.ino. I did look in the UDP just to see if it had v571, but it only shows Autosteer_UDP_v5.ino. Am I not looking at the latest ino? I was getting them from GitHub - farmerbriantee/AgOpenGPS_Boards: Hardware PCB and firmware for AgOpenGPS Software

For now, I am finding that if I power up the nano with external power and then plug in the USB cable it is working. I just have to remember if I switch the tractor off that it will need resetting. I never had to do this with the previous version so, once I’m done with harvest and rapeseed drilling and everything else I will try reverting to the previous version I used (with 5.6.2) and see if it goes back to how it was.

If I find anything when I’ve time to investigate I will let you and David know.

You are looking at the latest. As I said mine was from February, and the one you have, is also on my computer, but dated 13 of March

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