Is anyone using the simpleRTK2B+heading system available from Ardusimple??? Would it be more simple than the ESP32 dual antenna system? I dont think it will give you roll characteristics but I am only looking for a plug n play heading option via usb.

Cheaper option is use FT232H and CMPS… Then you’ll have headin/roll via usb. I’m not sure RTK2B is sending heading info over usb, on board are placed SDA and SCL pins, so probably you’ll need use those outputs.

I was under the impression the ardusimple receiver would send the corrected/heading gps info directly to AOG. Maybe I am getting the concept wrong.

Are you asking about the option to stack a 2nd F9P onto the rtk2b? That would be the same as connecting two rtk2b, still requires an esp32.

If you mean their F9P with the imu for dead reckoning, I don’t believe there’s any AoG support for it.

Ardusimple sells a kit that includes two recievers for gps + heading I believe on reciever is the light version that stacks on the other reciever…If i get their system is it plug and play as in the heading reciever sends heading info to the main receiver then from there it is given to AOG? here is a direct link to the kit

Im just curious what the difference is between this and using the MTZ esp system…

That’s the what I meant, you can buy a kit or buy the 2Blite separately or stack/wire two regular boards together, it’s all the same. But I might have miss spoken when I said you still need an esp32, I’m not sure anymore. The difference would be mtz’s method uses the esp32 to calculate heading & attitude correction from two F9Ps and sends that to AoG using a special format whereas when you use the arduSimple heading system then one f9p does those calculations and sends a different message to AoG. I think the F9P’s calculations might be slightly better because they are in sync with each other.

yes thats what I was wondering…so basically Ardusimples kit eliminates the need for the esp32…They also provide the configuration so I would guess its essentially plug and play

My impression is that ardusimple heading kits don’t work with aog. would probably need esp32.

yep I think i just read that the fp9 will not output heading corrections in nmea format which is what we use correct ?

MTZ uses a custom message, and there’s been talk of adding the UBX message to AoG but maybe it hasn’t happened.

Here is my opinion:
For dual GPS you should use the esp32 options. This will work. And yes it use a AOG “proprietary” message, PAOGI
Once built it will be plug and play too!

For the arduisimple GPS+IMU (f9r) option, I think it’s not designed (yet) for agricultural vehicle.

I will go with MTZ application…Does it work even without rtk corrections? will roll and heading still work


simpleRTK2B+heading output heading only by UBX protocol trought the UBX message UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED.
AOG doesn’t read UBX protocol.

To if you use it, you shoud convert UBX-NAV-RELPOSNED into a message read by AOG…

For F9R, the board with IMU, a topic already open here: ArdusimpleRTK2B v3 with ZED-F9R (GNSS+IMU sensor fusion) - #2 by Math. But Ardusimple seems to be not confident to use it with a tractor for now: simpleRTK2B+heading hookup guide - ArduSimple.


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I bought a kit simpleRTK2B+ heading. Now I use one antenna and BNO 085. Is it possible to configure this kit in some way and if it works with IMU and AiO? Does it even make sense?