SimpleRTK2B is staying in 3D, no RTK fix or even Float

I have spent hours trying to figure out why i can’t achieve RTK fix when my setup is using NTRIP via Minnesota, USA CORS. I have NTRIP coming in through the Lefebure app and also have tried directly on the laptop. Both ways it says its

hooked up but not receiving precise rtk. U-center shows 3D, but nothing more using the states caster for my rover. I used Andreas firmware and configuration along with Profile - rynthln - AgOpenGPS Ryan’s connection changes to run cors through the lefebure app to bluetooth xbee connected to simplertk2B board then configured for bluetooth on u-center and then should hook to AOG. AOG also shows connection of ntrip but I assume with no RTK fix?

Any idea what im missing? Greatly appreciate all the information you guys have provided on here, but i’m at a standstill!

Hello, points to consider:
1- the antenna must have a free sky.
2-raise the baud rate to 115000
3- Do you have firmware 1.13? update it

4- You loaded the Andreas config, I guess the 10hz one is the one used now

simpleRTK2B_FW113_Rover_AOrtner_10Hz-01.txt (20,9 KB)
5- you can add a 20cm metal plate to increase the reception of the antenna. (if you have the basic ublox one)
6- With the config in Ublox you don’t see the UBX, you have to activate them.
But in AOG it puts RTK.

Is all this correct?

There seem to be Trimble base stations.
Are you sure the messages are rtcm? Trimble can be CMR+(not Arduisimple compatible) sometimes.

Looks like a few good things for me to try! The firmware update actually takes you to version 1.30 on U-blox? How do you upload Andreas 10 Hz config. from your link. When i try it gives me this?

The above link for Andreas configuration is no longer valid.
Try this one: Improved konfiguration files for f9p with firmware 1.13

So I am now connected to RTK fix through ZED F9P to U blox via my antenna on a cake pan on the back deck by disabling all child messages, but GGA and VGT. Playing with mountpoints seemed to be what made the connection? Is it that or just coincidence? Trying to connect the ZED F9P now through the ardusimple bluetooth xbee adapter. I had found previously and now not working Ryan’s posts about the Lefebure app connecting the phone to the xbee adapter. I can’t get U Blox to do anything muchless agopen as there is no Ntrip going from the Lefebure app to the bluetooth xbee. Any ideas or changes in AORnters configuration to change for connections. Connection is RTK fix with internet hooked to Simplertk2B via USB with AOrtners base to rover configuration. I’m only using the rover as no base here. Instead using CORS through the state for Ntrip. Please help! My wife was so happy after I achieved RTK fix this morning!! (many, many days and hours comprehending this computer software literagy).

Have you configured the xbee module so that it has the same speed as uart2 Changing the baudrate of Ardusimple Bluetooth module - ArduSimple

I haven’t, is this a normal thing to be done when the xbee bluetooth and ardusimplertk2b board come not configured? Any way to check the speed of the uart2 and my xbee bluetooth?

In the example here uart 2 is configured rtcm3 IN and nmea OUT at 115200 if your xbee module comes from ardusimple it is configured at 38400 to switch it to 115200 follow the link Changing the baudrate of Ardusimple Bluetooth module - ArduSimple
Use guidance systems that accept nmea 0183 messages in rtk mode with f9p simplertk2b