Sparkfun gnss rtk facet bluetooth

sprkfun gns rtk facet fails to connect through bluetooth agopengps. data is flowing, nmea strings are visible, but the “GPS invalid” indication appears. Is it possible that agopengps is not possible to connected by bluetooth?

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This is the device?

If you can see the data flow in AOG, be sure you have GGA and GVT messages and those only.

They say to chose theses on the Bluetooth device but in the hookup guide under wifi you should be able to chose the output messages.

Yes, this is the device. When connecting with a cable via USB, everything is correct, I have a GPS signal and AOG works very precisely. But when I connect it via bluetooth I have no location. In AGIO I see the strings GGA, GSV and RMC, the data is flowing, but on the main screen, where the composition of gps / single, fload and fix / is displayed, the message “invalid” appears.
My question is - did aog work through bluetooth and if the answer is positiv , what settings should I do make?

If you can connect to the port it should work with Bluetooth
If I understand right you see GGA on Bluetooth but VTG which seem missing?

It work trough the USB C port? this seem to connect directly to the F9P.

It read the fix quality from VTG, you have to enable it. I suppose it come trough USB but not by Bluetooth.
Do you tried to change the setting in the wifi section on the antenna?

Maybe having rmc on is too much data for Bluetooth. Also try change bitrate after Agio first start.

Also make sure you set vtg for both USB and the other F9p output port. As I discovered in last post here C099-F9P and Agopengps

Thanks to everyone who included in the discussion. I have two news. One good one - I have a bluetooth connection between “RTK facet” and AOG. The bad thing is that I don’t know what happened. I changed the GPS settings several times, turned the different NMEA strings on and off, and the connection never took place. I finally restored the original factory data and to my surprise the connection was established.

To be safe, I restarted several time computers and GPS - the connection is stable!
Thank you all.

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