Speed to sulky fert spreader

Hello I have been getting on well with my GPS and auto steer. I am just wondering if its possible to send the speed from the GPS to a sulky fertiliser spreader so that it can regulate the flow?
Thank you

Depend of the request but pulse or sentense is possible

pulse is so easy and you can also use section control to send 0 to stop if your device can do it

Can it replace the 7 pin speed plug found in some tractors?

yes if you speak about this one

That’s what I am wanting. Do you know how to do it?

so one thing like this

with the ino files USB version

if section 1 or 2 or 3 activ gps speed is activ if not gps speed = 0

Machine_USB_v5_0_vSG_7_2 .ino.txt (8,9 Ko)

Thank you. I have the all in one pcb. Can I use pins 14 and 15?

I would connect like this instead:

Pin 14 (speed+) like the pin 5 of the opto(blue lines)
Pin 15 (speed-) to GND

For V4 boards you don’t put the 100 ohm resistor, there is already one on the board.

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Do you mean pin 1 instead of 7 on your drawing?

Thank you, I am new to all of this. I have v4.1.
So all I need to get for this to work is a socket for in the tractor and a 2k ohms resistor?

I am confused by the above diagrams. Would pin 14 from the aio pcb be connected to number 6 in the socket as well as number 1?then pin 15 to number 7 in the socket?
Thank you for all the help

Yes, I made de correction. Thanks

Yes, I think the link for the connector is somewhere, it’s available at mouser and other stores

For the connection to the socket:
AIO pin 14 to socket pin 1(true speed)
GND to pin 7 (All grounds should be common on the tractor)
A 12v source from the tractor to pin 6

Optionally the socket pin 4 could also be controled by AOG with the same opto setup an a little code modification on the Teensy ino.

Is there somewhere a easy to understsnd diagramm…how to connect the 7pin Plug to AiO V 4.2 to take the Speed Signal to send it to any other controllers like above for the sulky?
Im confused about the Answers above…and dont knowing exactly what hardware is needed.
Thanks a lot!