ISO 11786 7 pins Implement signal connection

i want to build this connector in my old tractor to connect equipements like an APV.

Official ISO11786 Data signals

  • 5.1 Signal characteristics
    The signal characteristics for true and theoretical ground speed, PTO rotational speed and linkage are so specified as to be compatible with CMOS logic as defined in JEDEC1), powered from the tractor battery with a minimum voltage of 10 V.

  • 5.2 True ground speed and theoretical ground speed
    5.2.1 The signal shall be a square wave with a duty cycle between 20 % and 80 %, and with rise and fall times less than 1 ms.
    5.2.2 The signal level of the square wave “mark” (high) shall be greater than 6,3 V and the “space” (low) shall be less than 1,5 V. The output source impedance at “space” (low) shall be 100 ohm ± 10 ohm.
    The load impedance shall be greater than 3 k ohm.

  • 5.4 In-work/out-of-work
    The in-work signal shall be represented by a voltage less than 1,5 V and the out-of-work signal by a voltage greater than 6,3 V. The output source impedance at the in-work position shall be 100 ohm ± 10 ohm. The load impedance shall be greater than 3 k ohm.
    NOTE 3 Leading and trailing edges of the linkage up/down signal may be corrupted by switch bounce.

  • 5.5 Linkage position
    The signal voltage varies linearly corresponding to the height of the linkage position. The signal shall be 0 V representing the lowest position and 10 V representing the highest position. The load impedance shall be greater than 3 k ohm.

  • 6 Power supply
    supplied to pin 6 via ignition switch.
    maximum current drawn 5 A.
    fused at 10 A

So I would like to find the connectors and connect pin 1 and 4, using the All-in-one board.
Does someone know how to build these outputs?

Any luck with this? I was just thinking the same thing this morning with my APV

I have made a setup but not tested so far.
Will test next winter.

It have the speed pulse and the in-work/out-of-work pin commanded by AOG.

That’s good! Hopefully it ends up working well

@Pat Have you been able to test it?