Steering Motor

I’ve recently started getting a number of queries from new members wanting a hand getting their autosteer built and installed. Now that I’ve built a number of these, I’m happy to make up PCB boards, supply these at cost and talk folk through their build, but I’m a little unclear on two points.

  1. The WAS connection.

Is anyone else here using the RQH100030 and, if so, how are you connecting this to your cab? In my case, the WAS is mounted about 10CM from the PCB so I have just connected pins 1,4,5 directly to the PCB using DuPont wires. I’m assuming everyone else is using a harness? Anyone got a link to this part?

  1. The steering motor.

Looks like there are two main offerings here, a pressure wheel or a 3D printed cog system. Does anyone have the STL file for the latter, per chance?

Actually, forget Point 2 as I just received these and they fit perfectly. Bought one from the local Land Rover dealer last week (paid £30!) and it just didn’t fit right. These do :slight_smile:

A further question though. Yesterday I was asked how robust and reliable the RQH100030 is in the real world, mounted on a tractor. They do look a bit flimsy and I can imagine they take quite a hammering out in the fields.

Are they more robust than they look? If not, does anyone have a better alternative?


The WAS I solder to some 3 wire 18awg belden cable, then to a short connector harness that plugs into the NAV box.

Currently working on a 3d printed steering quick tach system, the motor to wheel portion needed a more broad approach.

The air ride sensors are tough as nails, the aliexpress ones are cheap and plentiful.

I was dredging out some muck and mud over the axle forced the arm to buckle in. Removed the pivot bolt and reset the arm back, no harm was done. Next summer have a linear potentiometer to test, it may have more resolution but doubt its tough as this type.


Superb, perfect answer.

Thank you.

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Also look here. Steering angle sensors - #95 by Alan.Webb

A bit down, you see a solution with 2 ball bearings.
I use a Honeywell with a welded metal bracket and 2 bearings in a tube.

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thanks for the awesome information.

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